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2007 kimi how the kind of win?

★ ¢ Angel Tears ☆2010-04-18 22:10:25 +0000 #1
07 年 kimi to win a lot of people say is a miracle. .

I would like to know how he was winning. . .
ExtremeEngine2010-04-18 22:13:04 +0000 #2
really be called a miracle.

2007, the bulk and small Chinese only curbing than Kimi, WCC should have been silver arrow, but canceled because of espionage led to the team performance, driver performance retention, so Kimi and then the Red Devils won the WDC, respectively, and WCC.

07 is not a fair comparison of the year, the Red Devils and the silver arrow is basically packages to the podium, the year a total of 17 stations, Kimi6 championship, two second 4 third, FM is the champion three times, four section II, 4 III (a total of 94 points in fourth), silver arrow, the bulk of a 4 crown, 4 second, 4 third, small crown Han is 4, 5 second, 3 third, So dig out the factors that spy gate, when the fight is can be considered between these two giants started.

This year's winner produced and in 2008 are remarkably similar, and that is Interlagos Cry. But this psychological torture the drivers or smaller than in 2008, Kimi won the year in Brazil, 6 crown, while Han is because small errors in the first seven finish to Kimi at the last minute to 1 minute to obtain the advantages of WDC ( So I think Kimi at the moment thinking about the final results of small Chinese mood should be, and in 2008 crossed the finish line in after Massa are surprisingly similar, but wait until the good news for Kimi, but Massa can only be depressed).

Kimi is also from Mclaren to Ferrari in 2007, the first drive for the new team can win the WDC, the history is relatively rare.
Blue knowledge2010-04-18 22:46:02 +0000 #3
specific I can not remember exactly, I have not read all the whole game, but I support Ferrari and Kimi Raikkonen's. In 2007, the start of the Australian station Raikkonen won the championship, this was his first race on Ferrari won the championship, I was especially excited, huh, huh.

However, in the later mid-race, Raikkonen has to play well, under Alonso and Hamilton, this is the truth.

In the last few points, when Raikkonen was a lot of points behind Alonso and Hamilton. Since that time there occurred a "spy gate" incident, Alonso and McLaren had a falling out, and Hamilton's relationship deteriorated, and that gave Raikkonen a chance. China Station in the penultimate stop, Raikkonen won a championship, to catch up with some points in the final of Brazil, Kimi Raikkonen is also a champion, while at the station, before the situation is excellent in Hamilton Appleton accidents have taken place, get the score is not high, especially in China, when the station has also pulled out.

As their champion, and Hamilton, Alonso's disorders play, so lucky Raikkonen eventually won. Look at each station points after three of them, will find Raikkonen to win the final of the season is a huge miracle.



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