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Scorpio exhaust pipe which country produced a whole section of how much the market price Scorpio Exh

roll force2010-04-18 22:10:32 +0000 #1
next GP in question exhaust carbon nanotubes and Scorpio What is the difference, a whole paragraph GP how much carbon nanotubes, this seems white. I do not quite understand you motorcycle heroes, cattle do not laugh at O
snowmount2010-04-18 22:16:25 +0000 #2
akrapovic is located in Slovenia (Slovenia) and six employees of small factories began to develop and today has an area of 7,000 square meters and more than 170 employees in the industry elite, Akrapovic in just 15 years, has become the industry leader in the exhaust pipe were entirely with the founder Lgor Akrapovic modified motorcycle awareness and enthusiasm. Itself experienced riders Lgor, early active in Europe and the international F1 and SBK motorcycle events, especially proficient in the four-stroke motorcycle race modification and adjustments, Akrapovic exhaust pipe is led by a motorcycle Lgor something well-known brand sector.

When Lgor still racing when the charge was already well aware of the quality of the exhaust pipe of the motorcycle's performance merits of playing has a tremendous effect on the market at a time when the quality of the exhaust pipe has been highly uneven, performance better pricing on products that most consumers in the hard driven forces, and Lgor to hold the price of production is more market acceptance of high-quality exhaust pipes that belief, founded in 1990 to the present Akrapovic motorcycle exhaust pipe the brand.

In Lgor play the beginning and have been fully converted his motorcycle and exhaust system technology insights, the extensive use of innovative technologies and new materials to produce motorcycle exhaust pipe, through type and the exhaust cone manifold technology is taking the lead by the then Akrapovic used adopts excellent thin body to replace the traditional thick stainless steel body Guan Yi Shi Akrapovic pipe a product I Tuichu 已 is to have elite status, up Houqi titanium and carbon fiber materials, are means Dailing the motorcycle exhaust pipe production technology pioneer breakthrough.

By product quality and outstanding performance, Akrapovic exhaust quickly in the market acceptance by all users in the production equipment and size should also be expanded to cope with the large-scale computerized production equipment and larger plant also have put into service Akrapovic has in a short time to grow. In product development Akrapovic except through traditional field tests and to draw valuable data from the competition outside, as early as the beginning and has been introduced in the simulation-powered test device, the product development process can be shortened and more precise, it is also so Akrapovic products mainly for the use by the early to race to the later use of two-lane roads and the development of the entire brand portfolio is more comprehensive.

1993 Akrapovic exact product finally affirmed, the German Pro Superbike Championship Kawasaki team after testing, the car factory have decided to switch Akrapovic exhaust products, and then including Yamaha, Suzuki, Ducati and Honda all have to switch to Akrapovic exhaust system, as the competitiveness in the specified device.

In the German Pro Superbike success in later, Akrapovic SBK next step is to enter that, with the outstanding performance in Germany, in the SBK race Akrapovic also rushed the upper, more support big teams have to switch to Akapovic the exhaust system. In the 1999 All Japan Superbike events, and more are all the same plant into operation Akrapovic product teams, the limelight can be said to 1:00 without two.

At the same time there are both Supersport 600 race Akrapovic exhaust system, due to an increasing demand, the original plant has been unable to meet market demand, the plant increased from 450 square meters to expand to 3,000 square meters, the original in Germany merge back to the central warehouse is also Slovenia, in order to have a more unified management. From then on, all product names are the early Skorpion "to revert to the founder of the company, the names of the same Lgor Akrapovic Akrapovic, at that time many people may wonder why change the name of the brand, but today" Akrapovic "The well-known term, then the decision is entirely correct.

from the use Akrapovic brand name, reputation and achievements in the field were racing has been steadily rising all over the world can be seen in both Superbike races champion team can Akrapovic exhaust system, started in 2000, Aprilia also designated for the factory teams using Akrapovic exhaust system.

Akrapovic can actively participate in the race to collect large amounts in a short time valuable data to improve their products, so that company in 10 years time on the exhaust pipe by a small manufacturer into the industry leader in the production of motorcycle exhaust systems in technology make groundbreaking. 2002 motorcycle racing have been major changes, Zui Gao level of motorcycle racing MotoGP change to compete in four-stroke vehicles, four-stroke engine for the rich experience of Akrapovic exhaust system is a good opportunity to show its mettle, then Akrapovic on a Kawasaki and Aprilia factory team for the exhaust system cargo business, so the name can be mounted Akrapovic highest level of motorcycle racing.

by a small family workshops to the public days of the world's leading manufacturer of motorcycle exhaust systems, efforts were inestimable , and at the same time high quality exhaust from the car and drinking places extended to the civilian market, is Akrapovic's greatest achievements.

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