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Dakar Rally Cyprus naturalization is like?

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Map Change

Silence of the "GPS": GPS screen no longer displays the deviation from the ideal line, and no longer shows a need for a way forward, only with a compass function.

Hidden path points: race within a radius of 3 km of the road signs will only be necessary to appear on the GPS screen. They may be adopted only the instructions on the way the book was found.

Activated decryption password can not see WPMs, CPs, as well as import and export of the village's race drivers, who follow the GPS screen guidelines. Decrypt passwords will result in punishment for up to disqualification.

Professional driver and amateur drivers:

games planned for one or two sections without the logistics vehicles appear. Competition only allows mutual assistance between the drivers, professional and amateur drivers the difference between drivers have had to be reduced.


the main concern about the 450cc group. Group of less than 450cc motorcycles bonuses increased fourfold. There will still be a day every day of the performance rankings table.

In the very fast stage, motorcycles, players race pace is limited to less than 160 kilometers per hour.

Motorcycle riders group supplementary

motorcycle group, only two groups. "Marathon" group includes all the production cars, there are no modifications or modified a little motorcycle. The "super-mass production," the group is to include all those who were converted or a classic motorcycle.


January 6, 2007, from four Volkswagen Race Touareg 2 (Race Touareg 2), and 26 by the official rescue vehicles registered service consisting of the Volkswagen Motorsport team will embark on 2007 Dakar Rally of the journey, strong logistical support for the Volkswagen Motorsport team championship on the Dakar is full of confidence. Including the Volkswagen Touareg team • driver Mark Miller (Mark Miller), Germany - wilir (Giniel de Villiers), Ali • Ari Vatanen (Ari Vatanen) and Carlos Sainz • (Carlos Sainz), including 187 Auto Group driver, set off from Lisbon, after 8,000 km journey to the Senegalese capital Dakar.

However, to finally finish and get good grades, drivers are in addition to overcoming long road, but also need to re-adapt in the 2007 Dakar Rally route and the new changes in rules. Recently, the organizing committee for the first time awarded to all participants as long as 64 pages of contest rules, from the rules of perspective, this year's competition were the following five changes: shorter

Schedule organizer ASO Dakar Rally in a SMS has changed the route announced: Due to security issues in Mali, originally scheduled for January 16-17 within a day's horse (Nema) - Dimubuke Chart (Timbuktu), and Dimubuke Map - Section in Marseille will be forced to cancel. The organizing committee decided to January 16 race horses into the region around the city within a race length of 366 kilometers; 17, the game will change to the connection length of 280 km stage. After adjustment, the current leg of the Dakar Rally shortened to 7915 kilometers, 4309 kilometers of special stages.

In this regard, the team's navigator Volkswagen Touareg von - Qi Ze Weici (Dirk von Zitzewitz), said: "From a security point of view, race is significant shortening; but sports point of view, but regrettable. Because it means that the only two marathon stages in one and one-day competition, was forced to cancel. while the shorter race also means that competition greater pressure.

to resume the Rose Lake "decider" status

traditional "Rose Lake Grand Prix "(Lac Rose Grand Prix) is the final day of the Dakar Rally intention to launch a show stage. Recently, organizers announced the scheduled January 21 to the Rose Lake stage has been shortened to 16 km, and the restoration of the Dakar Rally for the formal stage.

In this regard, in 2006 Dakar Rally runner-up - the Volkswagen works team driver Germany - wilir (Giniel de Villiers), said: "This is a great decision! Rose Lake is the traditional Dakar Rally decisive stage, and now the results of this stage will also be included in the final result is really great. "

The new navigation system to use

This year, the extremely difficult cross-country section of the road an extra instruction that will help drivers take the most accurate line. In addition, this year's Dakar Rally will be the first to use their two navigation systems, namely, WPM (blind pointing) and WPE (lost points). which, WPM only when the car into the blind spot within 3 km, when, GPS system was only activated; the WPE is more precise, in the instructions near the roads 200 meters, when, GPS screen, there is response.

for the use of new navigation systems, fleet navigator Volkswagen Touareg - three-time champion Mike Dakar • Peleng (Michel Périn), said: "This is the a very good decision, a new navigation system will not allow us to clear the road book does not beat about the bush in the desert. "

The audience and teams to enhance the safety factor once again

2007 Dakar Rally, spectators and local residents the security situation has been further improved. In the game along the way, the local newspaper coverage of the tournament in advance, so that local residents, especially in transport the busy areas to enhance safety awareness during the competition; in monitoring and maintaining the traffic order, the local police will play a very important role.

In response, Volkswagen Motorsport Director Chris • Nissen (Kris Nissen), said: " very much in favor of the organizers in order to further ensure the spectators, drivers and services, the safety car to take additional measures. "

Speeding will be severely punished

2007 Dakar Rally, the vehicle through the towns and villages, the speed must be limited to 50 km / h in some areas is limited to 30 km / h, which existed for many years the rules apply equally to the formal stage. In addition, violation of rules will be punished by severe fines and penalty points and repeated violations will be removed. The speed limit for service vehicles to be further strengthened in 2007: Service vehicles top speed is limited to 120 km / h hours, services, truck speed limit is 90 km / hr. race trucks were limited to a maximum speed of 150 km / hr.

service vehicles breaking the rules will be equally subject to severe penalties: for the first time offenders, speeding 0-20 km / hour, there will be fined 500 euros, the second violation, services, vehicles and spare parts onboard Japan and China in the next game will not be used. In addition, early warning will also be continuously sent to the offending vehicle. It is worth mentioning that, Dakar Rally each year in fines has been donated to charity.



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