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Will the muscle car engine is working with several pistons it? Seems to be two bar

CDK61542010-01-31 09:01:09 +0000 #1
Will the muscle car engine is working with several pistons it? Seems to be two bar
obz972010-01-31 09:05:54 +0000 #2
5 Ge
lyz8512312010-01-31 09:29:06 +0000 #3
number of cylinders is one of several in-line four-cylinder is a piston ah


V-type six-cylinder piston is working piston 6 is 12

W12 seems to car engine The bar there is no cylinder
pushudefan2010-01-31 09:49:04 +0000 #4
four-cylinder engines are generally more than, let alone the big horsepower American muscle.

Seventies and eighties of the most famous muscle cars that is, Dodge Charger, Dodge is usually also call a. Using it as representative of the muscle cars have great character, usually is defined as a sense of style is full of muscles, as well as tough lines, enough for "hardcore." In addition to styling, the car's performance is also very important, and only with large enough horsepower engine was rated as the muscle car. In this respect, muscle cars can be said that one aspect of the vehicle to maximize the performance: speed.

Muscle cars and is the only means to enhance the speed, that is, with great horsepower drive vehicle. The result is naturally difficult to obtain a general comparable to the acceleration of vehicles can be said that the car filled with a sense of strength. On the other hand has caused disadvantages such as relatively difficult to manipulate. In today's automotive technology point of view, tough line shape is not conducive to high speed, so speed would have. There is no denying that as a historic vehicle, muscle car with its unique charm. To "Need for Speed Carbon Life and Death Valley", the muscle car has also become one of the three models. Hope that the players can feel the strong horsepower enjoy enjoy.

Classic muscle cars almost all "great unity" of the "box" body, the drag coefficient was scary. Front-rear-wheel drive, an NTU-horsepower V8 engine, very particular about the selected materials, focus only on the performance of a straight line, as the old America bend Well ..... just playing straight-line acceleration, we can see muscle cars bend performance is how "sorry" for the.

To make matters worse, muscle cars almost all "gas guzzlers" and a "nitride-making machines," a muscle car's fuel consumption can be reduced to 20L/100KM very quite a lot.

The Modern's new muscle car is made more progress. Shape a more gentle (although, and Japanese compared to European cars have still "sturdy"), air resistance has decreased, the engine is no longer static, such as the introduction of V10 engines. Also introduced, such as aluminum and carbon fiber and other new materials. However, fuel consumption and pollution is still serious. Old ChargerDodge Viper SRT-10



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