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Schumacher return to F1了吗

sun19937162010-01-31 10:01:57 +0000 #1
CCTV said Schumacher return to F1, and joined Mercedes-Benz GP? Really ah. I just look at F1, nothing to understand, ask about

that in 2010, Mercedes-Benz GP strong next year? Mercedes-Benz cars considered the top do, there is also with Brown, Schumacher, Massa them to a confrontation?
My silver sky2010-01-31 10:10:00 +0000 #2
back to join Mercedes-Benz
┋ ╭ ≈ Shu Pui ┋2010-01-31 10:21:42 +0000 #3

Car King officially announced two days before Christmas, with the Mercedes-Benz GP to sign a three-year contract, and in the formal onset of this year

Mercedes-Benz GP mostly former employees of BGP, and there is the magic of Ross Brawn large head and sponsored by Mercedes-Benz is not to worry about winning this year, they do not have the strength of

Schumacher do not fight with Brown, they are one of the , whether and Massa confrontation, we should look at this year's Ferrari Driving Status of
lvfeng09262010-01-31 10:40:42 +0000 #4
Beijing at 18:30 on December 23, Mercedes - Benz F1 team announced via a conference call: F1 seven-time winner Michael -- Schumacher F1 Mercedes-Benz in 2010, will join the team back.
pxlp1234562010-01-31 10:33:34 +0000 #5
恩恩. . You are right drops.
Hamilton title2010-01-31 12:06:45 +0000 #6
return to the
okeyou12010-01-31 10:38:48 +0000 #7
Yes, Schumi back to the car not to say that Wang's technique is to look at the performance of the car the car is no problem car, Wang still can not do say anything to win a military vehicle is also no good next year, three Wang will be able to look at cars on the return of the first game of anticipation in
Luo and cc2010-01-31 10:49:37 +0000 #8
is indeed a return, and signed Brown's team really look forward to their re-join forces ah -
a non-fat pigs2010-01-31 12:46:57 +0000 #9
ah Unfortunately, is not a Ferrari
Cherry jing2010-01-31 11:02:52 +0000 #10
Schumi is coming back is not the Ferrari, but also good, after all, Mercedes-Benz on the young Schumacher Mercedes-Benz
intersw2010-01-31 14:11:29 +0000 #11
Michael Patton How can it be than it? ridiculously poor people at Schumacher retired before relying on loopholes in the rules won a championship.
Flouting 1102010-01-31 13:39:39 +0000 #12
- Michael Schumacher, a great driver, retired in 2006 left a lot of regret to the fans, and now the car king back, next year's Bahrain station waiting to see the return of the performance car king bar -!

Mercedes-Benz GP is actually in 2009, Brown GP, internal staff basically had no change, but with the financial support of Mercedes-Benz in 2010, the performance is certainly is good enough, Brown = championship with Michael Schumacher, the equation in the 90's on the popular, so I do not doubt that their competitive edge -!

The duel with the Ferrari of course, can not be avoided, Massa, Alonso, are very strong competitors, but Schumacher will surely win in their own ways, they wait for New Year Kasai Kanhao Xi Bar -! Definitely confrontation, the following is my own feeling, the old feeling of small-Han with the previous short-lived, like Jacques Villeneuve, won the championship after the feeling of his fierce competitiveness, not as before, and though still wins races, But the old feeling more and more small-Han as before, and Patton do? He has a good car as long as I am sure that Jenson is very strong, after all, had previously been considered to be Michael Schumacher's successor, the strength can not be overlooked, but I still believe they can beat Michael Schumacher to win his first eight NBA titles, the New Year Let's start then wait and see -!
9 days Ying Long2010-01-31 15:12:04 +0000 #13
used engine is the Mercedes McLaren - Mercedes-Benz, and in 2009 Brown GP are so strong, can be said that Brown has brought the role of the aerodynamic parts invaluable, and now Mercedes-Benz engine, plus Brown GP on the composition of the aerodynamic performance of the car accessories can be seen in general, is absolutely the same as the rate of stroke for all teams.

However, in this case, Schumacher is also evident in the aging, can compete with McLaren and other teams is hard to say.

Can be said that F1 is better and better in 2010.
ji_a_wei2010-01-31 13:25:17 +0000 #14
right! Michael Schumacher has joined the Mercedes-Benz GP, to the team requested a three-year contract, this year's constructors are very popular, but that bastard in the legislation proposed by Morey to fans all feel very happy! In November this year, that is 09 just after the end of the season at the Bird's Nest Lane King of Kings Competition, jointly on behalf of Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel, Germany, on behalf of the British defeated the Button to win the championship, as to who is more powerful, it a matter of opinion !



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