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D4 in the first text on the Arcade to change

s3591742412010-04-24 01:11:50 +0000 #1
ask the next, each time change is not only upgrade within the first card will automatically be returned? Also, 86 rose 11,000 to switch the engine is not speed but also for what the table also need to change anything? Thank you,
Mo Light Ray2010-04-24 01:20:50 +0000 #2

A change can only be changed within each time so you order one by one to change it.

20 000 to switch the engine is changed within the first option, the last third is supercharged, last change last second, 10,000 the third is turbocharged 3 tachometer not directly change change change change End million do not worry.

give you a little proposal to switch if you want to change 10000 must be optimistic until I just did not optimistic about the turbine into a-_-very tragic.



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