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What kind of car sign

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Corvette (Corvette) in China should not compare the visibility of Ferrari and Porsche, but it is called David in the United States, representing the history of the United States , cultural, spiritual, and most high-end automotive technology.

In the United States, Corvette is definitely a household name, this was born from the 1953 General flagship sports car series, after a five-generation history of evolution and is still best represents the spirit of America's sports car. Corvette car line has cumulative production of 140 million units, of which sales in the United States the majority, it shows love and support of Americans. That Corvette is "America's Ferrari" is not an exaggeration, but the difference is that most Ferrari, Corvette is more close to the people. In the United States on the streets, from time to time passing shadow Corvette ages, of all ages, drivers of all colors can be seen, even driving a pick of our common ordinary middle-aged female staff, the family has a 2000 article the Corvette, this super sports car can be seen the degree of civilians. Wanted to come to this "people" style, spirit and culture of the United States is also a feature.

Left black and white checkered flag, that car is the road to participate in sports car competition car, a red flag right cross on the knot, saying the car manufacturer by the Chevrolet division, the flag on the trophy and flowers, represents the first prize joy and success after the memorial.
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Chevrolet - Corvette America
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