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Ferrari F1 2010 will be a kind of situation?

Royal veil2010-04-25 06:04:16 +0000 #1
View just saying that Kazakhstan does not matter when the predicted anything good ...
Circular extinction love BU2010-04-25 06:18:05 +0000 #2
Ferrari last year, nothing can be said, but it makes them spend a long time ago put through the new year the car, so the overall performance from a good view of the winter testing. And this year's game against fuel, so the Ferrari engine, fuel is one of the keys to success. View from the driver Alonso's strength is not inferior to Kimi, if Domenicali can draw experience and lessons of the previous two years, the Ferrari's still very powerful.
Plsdsl12010-04-25 06:45:04 +0000 #3
's game is probably the kind of Ferrari Schumacher McLaren have this old Ross Brown, Barton Hamilton have three new team together, may be in chaos this year
Reventon 072010-04-25 06:52:56 +0000 #4
Yesterday, I just write a log, of course, is just personal opinion

2010 F1 start soon, hardcore fans, I certainly will not miss any news related to F1. Talking about this year's F1 World Championship has really varied.

Because of the financial crisis, after following the Honda, Toyota and BMW also announced its withdrawal from F1, although the F1 team because there is no Japanese companies rather I am pleased, but it also reflects the F1 has come to the brink. Major sponsors of the divestment, the team only to retire over the team all the contradictions Union and the FIA F1 has to have a 60-year history of the event in a very difficult stage.

2008 FIA decision teams to environmental protection requirements must be installed in the 10-year power recovery system, called KERS. Let the teams spend a great human and material resources into R & D among the KERS. Although the average score 09 season Ferrari, but Ferrari's KERS technology to go to see the various teams in the top, can be said to have been very mature, and that makes me a Ferrari on the 10 season full of confidence. But the 09 season, the FIA has suddenly decided to cancel after the use of KERS, is simply absurd, I do not know those senior officials who head the FIA is not crowded to the door, and saying that they have to cut fleet costs of environmental protection, and finally they come to such a 1, the team wasted spent tens of millions or even billions of dollars in research and development costs.

The 10 season canceled midway fuel will not only allow each team several refueling technician unemployment did not say, but also greatly reduces the ornamental F1, overtaking becomes increasingly difficult, in qualifying is very important, but that for those forces for smaller private teams is simply a nightmare, take the points even more difficult.

10 The largest surprise to the number of season seven times F1 world champion Michael Schumacher's comeback Kam, after a lapse of three years, today's Schumacher is already 41 years old, was windy stadium Schumacher F1 can do another miracle ? I find it very difficult objective, but the pay is no doubt Schumacher is F1 precarious hit a shot in the arm. Wang joined the back of the car Mercedes - Benz team, a white war service people still can not think when he was a red Ferrari that year of war service. In any case, he is still the idol of countless fans, the fans in mind the car is still king.

New season team changes have taken place in relatively large, the current FIA competition recognized 13 teams, three more than last year. Dark horse last year as many companies over the team's Brown GP Brands acquired the team was renamed the Virgin team, although the Brands of the Virgin Group, created in many parts of the world to a small victory to win with fewer big miracle, but in F1 game , the current fleet is still dominated by companies, even the surplus funds of the Red Bull team, is in F1, after years of accumulation and genius driver Vettel's efforts were gradually out results. The Virgin Atlantic fleet of two innocent drivers with first joined the F1, so I am not optimistic about Virgin Atlantic fleet. BMW's exit really quite regrettable, Fortunately, the efforts of the crowd, BMW all the shares to the original shareholders Sauber, so the team can still persevered. Other newcomers were Malaysian Lotus team, Spain and the United States F1 team Campos Racing. But probably not the start of the season there were 13 teams participating, the United States and Campos F1 team to now have not even test schedule, and no driver selected, so the opening game of Bahrain is certainly not see their figure was.

Drivers for walking are also noteworthy, the new Section 09 season champion Barton joined McLaren, whose teammate is the new Section 08 season champion Hamilton, the saying goes, one mountain can hardly contain tigers. Hamilton and then team-mate Fernando Alonso's team do not know whether the civil war will be staged, but I believe, like Hamilton, a double car winds and poor character and any co-players will not get along of. The Chinese F1 track the first time the news is indeed exciting. Dutch Chinese Ho-Pin Tung became Renault's third driver, although the third driver, which means little chance of playing, but this is one small step into F1. But the biggest regret for me to number 07 season Division Champion "Iceman" Raikkonen's gone, after a mediocre performance of the two season, he chose to WRC (World Rally Championship) is appreciate the "Iceman" style. Superb driving skills, smart appearance, cold appearance, low-key sort of person, coupled with a fiery red Ferrari shirt, conquered many fans. Replace the "Iceman" position is that Alonso, Alonso I just want to say to people not worthy of such a character to put Ferrari's clothes. But there is good news, Felipe Massa of Ferrari fans back from injury, or bring some comfort.

New season, new rules, new teams, new drivers, the new F1 season has brought me too many expectations, all the wonderful all in 2010F1 World Championship!
Juker2010-04-25 06:18:23 +0000 #5
The first is the return of the king car is to no small challenge, after all, he is not a general understanding of the Ferrari; the person is able to deny the failure from 2009; car out of the king's service providers are also back some praise from the living; Massa and Alonso's competition is inevitable, the question is how to deal with Ferrari, Ferrari remains to be seen whether the return of the king.
Do not jump the fog2010-04-25 07:01:34 +0000 #6
should be better than last point of it then ... ...

But the new team's new driver heart rule, the feeling will be a mess, and now the F1 did not look good a few years ago.

Do not give way refueling tactics are also a lot less to see the first ah! !
Drink throw shoes2010-04-25 08:55:30 +0000 #7
BS2 House, just a reproduction is that ... ... I see, I remember Sha Tong said a word, no matter what team, if this car out of the hands of Ross Brawn is a champion of the car can . Ferrari's three-year giant, Jean Todt, Ross Brawn, Schumacher has now disintegrated, and only the old Todd is clinging on. But the Ferrari driver lineup this year really good, Alonso and Massa, excellent performance, then if the car is likely to win. Moreover under the Mercedes-Benz GP, Ross Brawn and Michael Schumacher once again join forces, people unlimited excitement. Frankly, I was the Red Devils fans, but also admire Ross Brawn. I believe Mercedes will continue to write on the season, Brown GP GP myth. In short in 2010, Ferrari Ye Hao, the other teams, have the challenge and have the opportunity.

PS: I support this year, Mercedes-Benz ---



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