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I think someone is trying to send me a message.

sfa2011-01-26 19:11:53 +0000 #1
I've been (as usual) obsessively reading touring journals over on crazyguyonabike. My focus the past few weeks has been the Northern Tier of the US. I'm not quite sure why, except that it goes through some territory that's very familiar (my father's hometown) and a lot that's completely new (would love to get to Glacier National Park before they have to rename it).

Yesterday I got home from work and found that I had been mistakenly sent the complete ACA Northern Tier maps. I ordered a book from ACA a week or so ago--it was a downloadable order, so nothing to deliver, but I suspect their system automatically generated a shipping label, and that label got slapped on the next person's order. I'll be calling ACA as soon as it's business hours in Montana, but in the meantime I'm itching to open up these maps and read them and pretend that I'm the one planning this tour.

So Shari from Juneau, Alaska, if you happen to be reading this--I've got your maps and won't actually open them but will make sure they get safely to you, and I look forward to reading your crazyguy journal.


Tri Girl2011-01-26 19:23:51 +0000 #2
Your whole post made me laugh. Especially the last sentence.

If that's not a sign- I don't know what is!

I'm planning on doing the northern tier in 2012 (or 2013 depending on finances). It looks like the most beautiful route across the country (to me, anyway).

I think you need to order a set of your own and start your planning!
evangundy2011-01-26 19:56:41 +0000 #3
My DH signed up with last fall, and we are hosting our first visitors right now. They arrived Wednesday 06/30 and leave tomorrow morning 7/03, on their bikes, headed for New York by way of the Northern Tier. We've been helping them figure the best way to go North from here so they can see Glacier NP and ride the "Going to the Sun" road.

We're riding out with them in the morning, heading out the Columbia Gorge along the Historic Columbia Highway, over Crown Point, past Multnomah Falls, to Cascade Locks. We'll have lunch then they head East, and we head West back home.

Oh to be continuing on with them..........


AnnieBikes2011-01-26 20:31:13 +0000 #4
Hi Edna!! I have not been on the boards for a while but had to read the NT posts here! WomanTours had such a large number of women sign up for their NT ride this year that they have split them into two groups of about 28 and they left one day apart from Anacortes, WA, about the 18th of June. One group rode the "going to the sun" road in terrible weather this weekend from what I have heard. But one group rode today and they have better weather. They will do the first half of the NT (to Fargo ND) this year and finish from Fargo to Bar Harbor next summer. Pretty good way to work it for those not having the time (or $$$) to do it all at once!

I was unable to do the WomanTours ride this year since I had family responsibilities to manage. However, the NT is at the top of my husband's and my bucket list to do self supported. Oh, and we are warmshowers hosts, too, as well as Though WS is more cycle oriented, we have hosted some wonderful people through CS. We live about 1/2 hour from the Transamerica Route near Damascus, VA.

Hope you and Dave are doing well! Hard to believe that it has been nearly a year since I met you all in Portland before my ride! Hope you are riding lots. ...any plans for long distance?
tride2011-01-26 20:45:20 +0000 #5
Hello! I live in Boulder Colorado and am happy/honored to say that Len (aka, CGOB) is a friend of mine! Have you read his journals about his trips in Asia? Len goes to Asia for a few months every year to tour the continent and 'just' experience life on a bike. If you have not already done so, PLEASE send him a note (on his blog) and let him know you are enjoying his entries AND that you would like to know what he may have in terms of touring maps for you (and any other questions you may have)!! And tell him Kimberly sent you!

Best of luck in your travels!



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