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Midwest to Grand Canyon: Amateur Rider

butterwheels2011-09-16 14:24:23 +0000 #1
I am not working (except at home of course) and I would like to cycle to Grand Canyon area and back home, this spring/summer. I have been locked in all winter with only dog walks to keep me going but I was finally able to get my bike out for a ride today. I don't know how to plan this trip really, I just want to go and I would like someone else who can go too. I dunno what my miles per day will be, initially, I might be quite slow at first!! But I like literature, politics, discussions on human rights, I can cook just about anything so would be an asset for cooking detail. I am a vegetarian but don't lose my mind if I find out that some animal parts have made their way into foods that I purchase (which is why I make everything from scratch, I mean everything except for some prepared pasta). But anyway, I would like partners for the road who could also teach me something about roadside repairs, which are my greatest fear on the road btw!!! I have a Swiss Army knife, a compass and camp utensils and a few bike tools. Hope someone out there might be interested in joining my NO-DEADLINE discover America tour.

jhudson2011-09-16 14:32:00 +0000 #2
where exactly are you starting from?



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