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May Running Crankin2012-09-05 16:13
I'm starting the thread? I did my first continuous 2.5 mile run on the TM this morning. Just too w
Woman running barefoot across USA OakLeaf2012-09-05 15:14
Shoe suggestions for low-volume, wide-toed foot? Becky2012-08-14 11:19
I'm an occasional runner at best, and I'm finally in need of new shoes. But I'm having trouble find
Scarpa trail running shoes SadieKate2012-08-14 10:15
Anyone tried any? Many reviews comment on the width of the forefoot and space for high volume feet
Caballo Blanco missing in New Mexico OakLeaf2012-08-11 05:15
Search volunteers are being requested:
vest/pack with bladder? jessmarimba2012-08-11 01:15
I'll admit that I'm just a little too lazy to keep trying to search the forum for this. But isn
Capris for Running surgtech19562012-08-09 19:13
Any recommendations for caprs for running/jogging for bigger gals? Thank you
OKC Half Marathon twin2012-07-20 20:18
Started out very humid but towards the end nice light rain came along which made for a better time.
Illinois Marathon race report (long) OakLeaf2012-07-17 16:13
Anticipation Closer to dread. I knew I was undertrained. I told myself I’d been experimenting w
Running through the Tulips - April Selkie2012-07-17 07:21
Happy April! Started off the month with my longest run since 1996 -- seven miles. Sunrise start,
To marathon or not to marathon... skhill2012-07-16 11:13
Can't believe I'm thinking about going for it. After my recent half, I was thinking of retiring fro
"The Claw" race report katluvr2012-07-09 01:16
Warning--long post. So about 1 month ago I signed up for a 10 mile trail run. My training plan
Running, IBS, Spotting? tongue_tied2012-07-02 16:26
Whew, what a topic! I've been running off and on as a means of cross training while taking rest days
Beginning Running Has NOT Been Fun! Artista2012-07-01 18:25
So I got a bug to begin running. I don't particularly like to run but I like having run. I'm in pret
Signed up for my first half marathon! Jolt2012-06-29 22:14
I finally did it...registered for the Maine Half Marathon Sept. 30 in Portland. Someone from work s
Running through April Showers katluvr2012-06-22 12:22
Ok, not an original title,nor are we having showers, but it was time for the April running thread.
Lamb or Lion? March running... skhill2012-06-18 12:12
The first was a beautiful day, but I'll rate March as coming in like a pride of hungry, angry lions
Anyone running in the Altra Intuition? nscrbug2012-06-16 19:39
I just purchased a pair this past weekend. Will try them tomorrow for the very first time (on the t
Shoes for heavy runners? nuliajuk2012-06-16 19:23
Any suggestions? I don't have wide feet (except at the toes), don't pronate excessively, and am tire
Shoe Review: Karhu Forward tongue_tied2012-06-15 05:21
I've been using these shoes for a few weeks now and the difference is so noticeable from my Nike Lun
Has anyone used a neck cooling bandanna? emily_in_nc2012-06-09 19:18
I read an article recently (seems like it was in Dr. Mirkin's e-newsletter) stating that cooling nec
Recommend a sports watch for running, please emily_in_nc2012-06-09 00:17
I'm looking for an inexpensive sports watch to wear while running. The only thing that's really imp
Leaping through Feb - 29 days of Running! Selkie2012-06-04 17:35
I'm boring---started the new month with a 4.7 mile run on the winding, rolling hilly trail at work.
Running Shoes: Is it safe to assume... tangentgirl2012-06-04 17:26
...that if I go out for my first run in my new shoes and end up with the beginning of a big blister
Brains! Would this game motivate you? Trek4202012-06-03 16:23
Another knicker question 7rider2012-06-01 03:13
Didn't want to hijack surgtech's thread, so... Has anyone run in Terry Spinnaker's: http://www
Running to work 7rider2012-05-22 13:58
So....tell me if this is crazy. I'm currently training for a duathlon that will have me running
January 2012 Running - Snow, stay away! Selkie2012-05-08 13:16
Sorry no clever title for this thread. Started the new year out with a five-miler that began in
A llong post about running form. Wahine2012-05-06 04:23
It's free advice to take for what it's worth... This is a handout that I give at my running cli
Pikes Peek 10K - Rockville, MD Selkie2012-05-04 19:22
My husband and I registered for a Maryland race for our April event (crossing the dreaded Potomac!
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