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fatbottomedgurl2010-05-01 05:35:54 +0000 #1
Hi runners!

I started running for tri last summer. My first 5k was part of a sprint at the end of September. Kicked back in October and started up again about six weeks ago. I want to work my mileage up to a 10k.

I'm pretty slow- I can do a 5.5 mph pace for 3 miles but that has my heart rate at 85-90% of my maximum. (My max running is 200 bpm.) That's a 34 minute 5k and I am quite beat at the end.

So I am wondering- do I slow down so I can increase my time (for example today I ran 38 minutes at 4.5 mph at 80-85% MHR), or would it be better to run intervals at a faster pace/ higher HR with recovery time in between? (For example on Friday I ran 38 minutes: 5min @ 5.5mph with 1 minute walk @3.5mph x 6.) With both these examples I was not quite so beat at the end.

Maybe its a combo of both- any thoughts girls? Thx.
Urlea2010-05-01 05:44:28 +0000 #2
First off, a 34min 5k is not bad at all. I'm glad that the tri inspired you to run more, that's great!

I think that the run/walk method might benefit you quite a bit especially since you are looking at doing the longer distance of a 10k.

When I start feeling really beat at a race or during a long run that is what I do & my pace actually levels out to being relatively the same as it would have been had I been able to get over my tiredness to run the entire time.

I know there are several women on this site that use that approach from start to finish of their race & they will have better input for you than I do. The only suggestion I have is that each person is unique in how much of a walk break they need before starting to run again so experiment.

HTH and welcome!



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