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tofu2010-05-01 07:51:13 +0000 #1
It's time to make a list for Santa, and for ages I've wanted a Garmin 405. However, I just got a new iPhone, and am wondering if one running app outshines the rest. Would a gps be redundant?
OakLeaf2010-05-01 08:05:44 +0000 #2
For one thing, it depends on how long your runs are. Battery life is a big issue with the phone when you turn on location services, so it's not the greatest thing for cycling, but if you're running for less than an hour, the phone should be fine. Also, AFAIK no one is yet making the extra hardware for iPhone, so you wouldn't have HRM or footpod (or cadence on the bike).

Honestly, I haven't priced a 405 recently, but the new 310 has so many more bells and whistles, if it's not a lot more expensive I'd go that way.
Bike Chick2010-05-01 08:04:34 +0000 #3
Tofu, I have the 405 and really like it but got to check out the new 310 at the expo at the Memphis marathon last weekend and would buy it over the 405 if I was buying new. The features I liked about it is that you can use it swimming, biking and running and I was told that it would switch between activities automatically and calculate your transition time. The 405 is only for running and biking and you have to go into the menu and change the mode manually. The other thing that is nice about the 310 is that you can buy a different watch strap for it so that you can twist the face of the watch off and then snap it onto a bike mount. The gentleman also said that the calories burned computation is more accurate on the 310 and the battery life was a bit longer. The only thing I didn't like about the 310 is that is was larger than the 405..................(wish they would come out with a lady's model that would fit on our wrists). The price difference was very slight and i actually think the 310 was cheaper. Of course, it's all personal preference and would depend on what your training needs were.
zoom-zoom2010-05-01 08:33:28 +0000 #4
If you can pick up a 305 I HIGHLY recommend it! I have had mine for 2 trouble-free years. I adore it for running and with the wireless cadence/speed sensor it has made a bike computer obsolete. They are dirt cheap now, too. Someone was offering it recently for something like $115. I think I paid about 2x that 2 years ago.

As nifty as the 310xt is, I can't justify the price, since I don't swim or do workouts/races of more than 5 hours. The battery life has never been an issue. If it died today I'd pick up another one, no question.
tofu2010-05-01 08:04:52 +0000 #5
Yeah, I'm thinking I still want the gps. Right now my runs are about 45 minutes, and increasing regularly. I'll look in to the 305 while there's still time to modify Santa's list. I have something for my bike already, but my runs have been picking up. Thank for sharing! oh! But the 310 looks fun too....
OakLeaf2010-05-01 08:47:10 +0000 #6
The only thing about the 305 is that they're really big. I have to wear a sweatband under my 310 anyhow - as I did under my 301 that basically gave up the ghost - just to keep it from bumping and bruising my wrist bone on longer runs - but even that wouldn't have been enough to let me wear a 305. I'd recommend trying one on before committing to it.



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