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Running week of 11/29 - 12/6

katluvr2010-05-01 04:21:46 +0000 #1
WOW! Inever started the weekly running thread! But here it goes....

"Long" run was Sunday. It was supposed to be only 10 this week, but I added a mile as I missed a run and tyring to keep total mileage up.

I got a bit of a late start...see on Sat. it was football and tailgating. So not only was I tried, but had just a few too many beers (Yep, same story different week!).

But I did 11 miles, avg 10:49 min per mile pace. So I was pleased. Stood in the pool post run (feels so good). But was very tired rest of teh day and it was time to decorate house before company and the annual X-mas party coming up this weekend.

I am set to run 7 miles after work today. I think it will be very slow and mentally tough. I am tired and sooooo busy!

Happy running week!
zoom-zoom2010-05-01 04:36:16 +0000 #2
Trying to hit 30mpw through Christmas. I know the week after that is going to be pretty much a loss, as we are heading to Vegas for 4 days on the 27th (for our 13th anniversary). I want to reach the 1800 mile mark for '09. I just finished my lowest running mileage month of the year in Nov. (100.5). I blame my new bike!

Yesterday I ran 7...felt really stiff and my calves were tight all last night. Very odd. I wonder if starting to use new muscles on my bike is having an effect on my running muscles...?

Kat, kudos on your 11 and good luck on today's 7.
roadie gal2010-05-01 04:46:46 +0000 #3
I got in another run outdoors yesterday. Any day now it's going to start snowing for real, so I'm going for each "real" run that I can.

I did 51 minutes (@5 miles?) on the local streets, with some hills. It felt pretty good.

My aim is to keep running 5-8 miles/run about twice a week during the winter. We'll see what I do since I bought a cross country ski pass and I also want to ski 3-4x per week.
Jolt2010-05-01 04:41:26 +0000 #4
I did my 30-minute run in the neighborhood and found some new places, but it was kind of a crappy run b/c of some outer left knee pain (ugh). Seems to be a vastus lateralis trigger point yet again...time to dig out the roller! Doing too much sitting around really seems to disagree with me...I was a total bum over Thanksgiving and also have been at the computer a lot with school stuff etc. Those times tend to be when I get into problems.
skhill2010-05-01 05:01:12 +0000 #5
Arggh-- the weather channel didn't have local info this morning! So I had to make a guess as to when the rain would get here, and I guessed wrong. My intended 7 miles became 3 when the chilly sprinkle turned into a cold downpour... But that last mile was pretty damn fast!
katluvr2010-05-01 06:00:46 +0000 #6
Well......... (long one)

I had switched my schedule 4 mlier and 7 miler aroudn d/t long meeting at work. So yesterday was supposed to be the 7 miler...but I am so darn tired and I have in-laws and sister coming in (1st arriveo n Thrusday) and a X-mas party to decorated and prepare for AND clean house! So I stayed in last night to get things done! WHEW!!!

So I got up early this AM to get my 7 miler in. (NOt sure when I can do the make up 4 I may be 4 miles short this week).

I was pretty slow to start..but I kept telling myself it was OK and maybe slow 7 miler was good. About mile 3 I picked up and I was pretty much RUNNING the last mile to get er done! So 1:18 ish...not bad. Bit over an 11 min mile avg. (Did I mention it was humid, we are expecting that rain adn those storms. So starting to get muggy!)

Then a few comments were made to me on my run today and not sure what to think of them. Since I started running at 6 and although there are street lights, there are dark patches. So I run w/ my head lamp. (Love it!). So 2 guys were running adn one sad "nice light". So was he being a #@% or was he serious? Hmmmmm I wonder.

Of course they were wearing grey and no lights at all. Peopel drive like bats out of heck in that neighbor hood.

Then I was nearing the end and this woman was walking toward me. She was a bit fluffy, but she looked like she was out to do some serious walking. As I ran by she said "I'm impressed". So what did she mean. Was she impressed that a short, stocky, non-running looking type was running? Or was she impressedin general that I was running? Or that I was fast? (NOT!).

Happy running to all!

Veronica2010-05-01 04:55:41 +0000 #7
Don't read into the comments. These are people you don't know, you have no idea what they mean and should you really care what some stranger thinks?

OakLeaf2010-05-01 06:52:08 +0000 #8
Been climbing the walls with moving stress and the residuals from the quad injury (thankfully it's nearly 100% now). Missed a lot of running.

Finally got out this morning for an 11-miler, with 1375 feet of climbing. I was thinking on my way up a 21% grade, how my whole attitude toward hills has mellowed this summer, both on the bici and running. Hills just are, and whether I'm attacking or taking it slow, they don't defeat me.

For some reason I just couldn't get myself out for a run in yesterday's sunshine, even knowing that I'd be running in cold rain this morning.

And because of deer season, I took a more open, less scenic route than I normally would (even with my hi-viz on).

This was my last long run in the hills for a while, so I was savoring the climbs. I sure will miss them.



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