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NYC Marathon

colby2010-05-01 05:14:41 +0000 #1
Meb has won the NYC Marathon, the first American since Salazar in 1982. Ryan Hall came in 4th! I read somewhere that 6 of the top 10 mens finishers were Americans.

Paula Radcliffe fell back for the women and finished in 4th in pain, leaving the upset win to Derartu Tulu of Ethiopia.
pfunk122010-05-01 05:30:53 +0000 #2
My friend and former training partner, Desiree Ficker, finished in 10th. Funny thing is - I sometimes used to beat her in races! I have very fond memories of our running days. She's a huge inspiration to me.
Running Mommy2010-05-01 05:45:38 +0000 #3
HA! So the "Ficker" I kept seeing on the screen WAS her!!!! I was wondering. Way to go Desiree!! In 07 I was spectating when Peter Reid came by. By instinct I blurted out "Peter Reid??" and he turned around and waved. ha h a

And I was over the moon when I found out Meb won!!! I have been pulling for him for years! I was so happy.

I watched the nbc national broadcast this afternoon, and even tho I knew the outcome I was still yelling at the tv, and cried like a baby when he crossed the line. Just so so happy for him and his family.

He is a good man, and I was worried when he came up w/ a bad hip a while back.

I was also happy for Ryan Hall. He will have his day.

6 of the top ten men being americans???

While the race happened to be the US championship for men, it was still a fabulous result.

FINALLY American distance running is back!
pfunk122010-05-01 06:29:26 +0000 #4
Des is going to be in town this week so we are going to try to get together for a glass of wine. Recently, she has been focused solely on running - and not the tri - so it will be interesting to see if she continues to focus on running.

I was watching the race on the internet this morning and my connection quit when Meb had about 2 miles to go

I recorded the NBC broadcast and when I saw him running with a mile or so to go, I also got teary-eyed. Such a great story and a nice guy.

You're right - this has been an incredible year for U.S. distance runners.



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