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Running week of 09/20/09-09/27/09

indigoiis2010-05-01 09:40:21 +0000 #1
I did a 5K today in a very crowded scene and although my time was not as fast as last week, I was very proud of my overall stats. It was hot and sunny and I really hate running in the sun. I wanted to rip my clothes off (sounds more exciting than it was.) My time was 27:44 and I came in 123/714 women in my age group and 1958 out of 5300. Yeah baby! Okay so that says nothing for how well I will do when it is thirteen miles in October but here is my goal: I want to do the half marathon with a 9:15-9:30 mile. I think I can do this and not kill myself.

We'll see.

Got the century this week then I can fully concentrate on the running more than the biking.


Seacoast Century 09/26 NH

Amica Half Marathon, Newport RI 10/18/09

Charlestown 10K Trail Run, RI 11/22/09


09 Westport MA 8K - May 2009

09 Cox 5K Providence RI - May 2009

09 Ocean State Tour de Cure Narragansett (century ride) June 2009

09 10K Springmaid Splash 8/22/09 NC - awesome trail run in the beautiful mountains.

NK5K 9/12 North Kingstown RI (11/43 in age group: 26:40 whoo hoo!)

CVS Downtown 5K 9/20 (123/714 in age group: 27:44

Susan Otcenas2010-05-01 09:55:26 +0000 #2
indigoiis - congrats on your 5K time! I'd love to be able to run that fast.

I'm doing my first half marathon in October, and hope to run 10:30-10:45. My 10K race pace in May was 10:11, so I think that should be doable.

I ran 12 miles this morning. Geez, I hate getting up that early! I didn't even hear the alarm the first 2 times it went off (it's not on my side of the bed) and didn't get up until 4:30 (meant to be up at 4:00). Made it out of the house at 5:00 and was back by 7:15. I started out feeling sluggish, but felt GREAT from mile 5 to mile 11. I kept expecting to feel the soreness creep in as it usually does by mile 8, but it didn't hit until mile 11. Yay!

The only real negative this morning was my bra. It chafed the %^$# out of me under my arms. It started bugging me at mile 2, and by mile 10 I felt like it was wearing a hole in my skin.

It's time to retire it. It's still in great shape, but I don't quite fill it out anymore, so it was moving around too much.

For a girl who has always had trouble finding bras BIG enough, this is completely disorienting.
spindizzy2010-05-01 10:26:54 +0000 #3
Indigoiis - Nice work on a hot day! (hate those hot days.....)

Susan if I ever get chafing, it's the underarm one - ouch. But it happens sporadically - I've not been able to figure out why.

Everytime I set the alarm to run early, I turn it off and think to myself "Susan is up and running." "Go Susan Go." Then I go back to sleep.

All of my races are done, so I'm on a month of no structured workouts; am doing what I feel like. I'll stop rambling...this is the running thread.... But my body needs a good break it and so does my brain.

Go Susan Go
Jolt2010-05-01 10:43:36 +0000 #4
After not doing any running for several days (other than a ten-minute beach run to warm up after swimming in Cape Cod Bay on Sunday--I would have gone longer but the tide was coming in and the sand was too soft) I finally got out for a decent trail run this afternoon. It was pretty good once I settled back into the right form (after tripping on rocks three times...pretty good indication that something is off) and I also did some random climbing and balancing on the fallen trees along one part of the trail. Sometimes it's fun to mix things up like that.
JH-NV2010-05-01 11:07:23 +0000 #5
Same bat time, same bat place. Jogged 2, recover 1. Some excitement tonight, as a running group was doing their recovery jog, I tried to keep up for a better time on mile 2.

I like to "pretend" to keep up with faster people, I need the motivation.
indigoiis2010-05-01 11:40:57 +0000 #6

Everytime I set the alarm to run early, I turn it off and think to myself "Susan is up and running." "Go Susan Go." Then I go back to sleep.

I totally did this this morning when my alarm went off at 5, except I am riding today (30 miles in and 30 miles home) and just did not want to up and ad-em. But I remembered the "Susan is up..." thing and it got me up!

Ran 8 yesterday down trail and dirt road from the bus to home. Took 1.5 hours. A good run but I think it will unfortunately be my last running commute of the season as the sun went out at around the time I was pulling into my driveway. I have a girlfriend who might run it with me next Monday but then I think that will be it. I have a headlamp but out on the trail and the dirt roads there are some shady boy characters who go in to the management area to smoke, and I just don't want to be on the wrong side when it's dark out! Although probably they are pretty mellow. It's still creepy. Yesterday they emerged out of the woods off trail onto the dirt road trailing a lovely sensi odor and I smiled and said hello and none of them said anything. Ran a little faster.

Jolt I totally do that too - when I do barn chores in the morning I jump all over the stall doors and beams and up onto the tack box. My own personal gym!

Today I am not running as I am riding... tomorrow I will run 3 and Thursday I am running 5. Saturday is a Century.
OakLeaf2010-05-01 12:17:39 +0000 #7
You know, Susan is three time zones earlier than I am, and she's still out running before I can drag my *ss out.

Very little running this week in preparation for the weekend's big ride... but I just got a new Garmin 310XT. O frabjous day! Callou, callay! So I'm almost glad it's raining this morning and the club ride was off. I'll go for a little run this afternoon.

'Course I was having trouble with my ancient copy of Parallels that allowed me to run SportTracks, so I upgraded that, and now I'm having trouble with the upgrade.

At least I'll have Garmin Training Center on the Mac side.

Indigo, great job! I sure hope I can do my half marathon (same day as yours) as fast as you're hoping to.
Susan Otcenas2010-05-01 10:50:33 +0000 #8
You guys crack me up! But hey, if the thought of my oh-dark-30 runs is an inspiration to get you out of bed in the morning, then color me flattered.

So, tonight I head for Vegas for our annual industry trade show.

I have my run clothes all packed, and plan to run on the strip in the early a.m. tomorrow (6 a.m. the strip is a ghost town). When my alarm goes off and I start questioning the value of going for a run in the morning on a day when I know I'll be on my feet constantly from 9-6, I'll be thinking of YOU all, knowing that I have a lot to live up to! That ought to get me moving.



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