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pain under the knee, or Why I Hate Running

lph2010-05-01 08:37:54 +0000 #1
I thought I was beginning to not-hate running, but I was wrong. I've started running just a little, to get a little weight-bearing exercise and get my knees and ankles ready for summer holiday and hiking. So 3 weeks ago or so I went for a 40 minute run (jog), mostly on gravel and path but a little on asphalt, and felt a slight pain under my knee afterwards. Figured it was just a slight twinge from the unaccustomed impact. A week later I went for an hours walk/run in the woods anyway, lots of up and down but only soft surface. Now, 2 weeks later, no running and only gentle cycling, I still have this pain under my knee, not extreme but bad enough to make me limp when I've been sitting still. And it will not go away.

It's a very clear sore spot, the width of two fingertips, and it's situated on the front of my shin, an inch below where the kneecap ends. Not swollen that I can see, not mushy or powdery or anything strange.

Is this something you runners can go "Aha! You have XX condition!" about?

Even better, can any of you go "I know just how to cure it!" ??

mickchick2010-05-01 08:52:27 +0000 #2
Could it be shin splints or is it higher up?

If so, ice and rest. Then strengthen your shins and make sure your calves are not tight (can cause shin splints). YOu can do the former by keeping feet flat on the floor and raising your toes up. You will feel it in your shins. Also works with a stability on top of the feet. Sit in a chair, but the ball on your feet, raise your toes up while putting gentle resistance on the ball.
emily_in_nc2010-05-01 09:18:15 +0000 #3
Does this sound like it?

Whatever it is, I hope it's all better soon!
rocknrollgirl2010-05-01 09:12:59 +0000 #4
It sounds like you have an issue with your patellar tendon where it inserts on your shin bone. I had a bad case of patellar tendonitis last year and that was one of the places that it hurt.

I hate to say it, but the 40 min run was probably too much to start with. Not that you need to hear that now.

So, if it is an itis, rest, ICE, ICE, ICE and I would probably start thinking about some strengthening exercises. Can you get a script for a few PT sessions?

If not, if you google, you can get the exercises.

Good luck.



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