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Running week 5/4

Crankin2010-05-01 09:14:16 +0000 #1
Today was going to be my rest day. I decided to go out for a walk before the rain, which was due in the afternoon. You know what happened...

I started running. Not exactly sure how far I went, because my Garmin wouldn't even go on today. It started synching up and then shut off, several times. Anyway, it started drizzling after I had gone about a mile, but I was warmed up, so I went on. I think I probably ran about 3.75, maybe 4 miles. There was a point when I could have turned back into my neighborhood, but I kept going. Then I started thinking about when I went for my leadership training with AMC and how they hammered us about hypothermia. It was 52 and raining out, so I was little concerned, since I didn't even have a hat on to protect my head, just a LS running top with my cycling vest, which was unzipped. I knew when I stopped to cool down and walk, I would get chilled, which I did, but I just couldn't run up the hill and stop cold. I did cut the cool down short by cutting through my neighbor's woods into my driveway and then proceeded to strip off the wet clothes in the entry way of my house (hoping the UPS guy didn't come right then). Got into my sweats when I noticed I felt a bit nauseous, so I ate. Then my stomach started hurting...

I was fine running, but now it's on the edge. Am drinking some herbal tea which is both settling my stomach and warming me up. Not sure what's going on; could be I left too soon after eating breakfast or I am just doing too much. I planned for a long ride tomorrow, but now I will play it by ear.

Urlea2010-05-01 09:20:20 +0000 #2
Well Crankin it seems we both got to run in the rain this morning. Fun stuff!

Hope you don't catch cold.

Met up with Maggy for our last training run together before the marathon. As I exited the underground parking I knew there may be issues. The dopplar radar on my computer had lied, the rain hadn't passed us yet, it was right over us & mixed with 15mph winds.

I was geared in what I plan to run the race in, just to give it a test & see if I could handle the cooler morning start without having to wear an extra layer. But, since it was only 3mi. I avoided going back into the house to grab something warmer/waterproof. As it turned out, I was just fine despite being a little wind blown & soggy.

These rock...

I have used them on several runs & on my cycling commute to the gym yesterday. Great addition to my other gear.

T-minus 4days!
indigoiis2010-05-01 10:03:58 +0000 #3
Yesterday 5/4 I ran in the a.m. - 4 miles at a slow pace with one long (mile and a half) low hill on the way home.

Today it's raining and nasty so I neither ran nor rode. Rest day!
kacie tri-ing2010-05-01 09:50:41 +0000 #4
No actual RUNNING happening yet (still just swimming and biking), but I did break down and get an appointment tomorrow with a sports doctor at Emory Orthopaedics and Spine center. I have to admit that something isn't quite right with my hip since the HIM. I am hopeful that he will just send me back home, but my coach is a little worried that I might have a stress fracture in my hip (even though I think on principle I am far too young to be breaking my hip!!! ) Think really really really really really good thoughts for me please! I really want to be back in my running shoes!

GOOD LUCK WITH THE MARATHON! Oh man, the one I did was SOOO much fun!!! I cried when I crossed the finish line and fell into DH's arms. When I am feeling down about not running, I think about that moment of finishing, and I know that it is worth it to perservere and not give up something so wonderful!!! Have a great great time!!!!! Try to sleep a little the night before!
skhill2010-05-01 11:06:02 +0000 #5
What a difference a little rain makes-- on Tuesday it was mid-50's, barely any wind, and dry (at last) and I found it to be heavenly running weather. About 3.5 miles (my longest ever) and I felt great!
indigoiis2010-05-01 10:36:19 +0000 #6
Ran 3.2 miles at lunch with a steady hill - 35 minutes and my ankles were kinda cranky. Made me feel a little tired. But other than that, it was a fine run.
Urlea2010-05-01 11:42:46 +0000 #7
Yesterday was kind of a bummer. My cycling commute to & from the gym on Monday was so great that I was just itching to get on my bike again. Figuring I would continue to obey the taper I decided to only commute to/from the bank which is about 9miles total and skip a trip to the gym entirely.

It was raining lightly which meant the section I ride past that they are currently hauling soil back into a field they emptied (to build dikes for the flood) caked my tires & me in dirt.

Arriving at the bank I was met with 2-3" rocks covering dips in the driveway that were about 6ft wide. Had to ride through that ON A ROAD BIKE, but I made it! Only to unclip one foot where I planned to get off the bike start grabbing my breaks. Between the wet parking lot making that one unclipped foot slide & tires covered in grit taking longer to come to a stop then I took into account, I went down.

What does this have to do with running? Well, when I went down my left knee (the still clipped in foot) took the brunt of the fall. Granted it was a slow-speed fall, but my knee is definitely bruised & slightly swollen. No fun!

This morning was my final run before the marathon on Saturday. Not knowing how my knee would feel I kept it short to only 3miles. I had good company & I have had worse runs, but I'm discouraged. Will I be able to run the full 26.2 with my knee hurting, probably. I hope so. But, earlier this week I was so excited to race w/ fresh legs,feeling strong & now I'm feeling unsure of myself. Perhaps that's normal though. I don't know.

I'm praying for swift healing in the next 48hrs. & adrenaline rush big enough to distract me from a roughed up knee.

I'll keep you posted! Thanks for listening to my rant.

Kacie- Sorry to hear you are still injured. Hope you get good news from the DR.! I'm excited for you to get back to running, can't imagine how you feel.
Susan Otcenas2010-05-01 10:10:36 +0000 #8
Urlea - I'll be thinking healing thoughts for you on Saturday!! What time does the race start?

My swim heat goes off at 9:15 on Saturday. I'm a little nervous because, due to an organizer error, I'm in a slightly faster heat than I should be. I've only done a few bike/run bricks this season so far, so it will be interesting to see how my run performance fairs after the bike leg. I'm a strong cyclist - it's my best event - so I tend to really push the bike leg. Hopefully I keep enough in reserve on the bike to make my 30 minute run goal time.



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