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Running week of 4/27

jesvetmed2010-05-01 09:48:16 +0000 #1
Ok... I put my weekend long run off until Tuesday. That's really putting stuff off! I am the master procrastinator. Got in 70 minutes of running, stopping after 35 minutes to drop the dog off at the house and start a new loop. I felt great until about 55 to 60 minutes, and the last ones were quite hard. I did hill climbs on the bike last night, so the legs are quite tender now. But I did it! Great weather for running here right now.
Susan Otcenas2010-05-01 10:00:18 +0000 #2
4.4 miles in 45 minutes this morning.

Felt oodles better than Monday's tough run. Yay!
Urlea2010-05-01 09:54:49 +0000 #3
7mi @ 8:50 pace this morning. Ended up starting out sort of chatting with a woman who ran Boston & just kept going. It was difficult to talk at that pace for me, but I knew a PR was waiting for me when I finished & I was right.

A Mizuno rep was in town demoing shoes, so I was actually able to run in a pair of brand new shoes for 7miles to see how I liked them. I tried the Inspires, they worked well, but I've got high arches & heel strike so I need a little more cushion & form to the footbed. I'll be sticking with their wave nirvanas which have served me well since I started running.

I noticed out of all the runners there I was the only woman to try a new shoe. Most of the men were demoing, but no women! Why is that?

Anywho, off to another busy work day for me. Lots to get done.

T-minus 9 days til the marathon!
Deborajen2010-05-01 10:34:21 +0000 #4
I got a 3-miler in yesterday after work. It was about 70 degrees outside and mostly overcast except for a few peaks of sun and a little breeze so it seemed nice. The last 1/2 mile was AWFUL - my energy was completely gone, like someone had just flipped a switch and stopped it. After I got home, I checked the weather and the humidity was 73% so 100 degree dew point. My hat's off to all of you who live near the coast - how do you DO it? Wow! Looking forward to a bike commute to work tomorrow - if the weather cooperates.
SJCzar2010-05-01 11:38:59 +0000 #5
Yesterday was the 10 mile speed day. I don't think that 10 miles and speed belong in the same sentence but I keep making myself follow the schedule.

Used a new route that followed the bike trail and parkway. Nice change from some of my regular routes.

I finally picked up a Garmin last week and it sures makes it easier to keep my pace steady and get in the mileage that I need for the day.

My daughter (the fish in the family) got me out swimming again. We went once this week and we're going again Friday morning. I vowed not to wait until 2 weeks before my tri to get myself in the pool.

I have my first duathlon of the season on Sunday. It's a nice season-starter since it's only a 2 mile run, 19 mile bike, and another 2 mile run. I'm hoping that all the extra running I've been doing will make up for the bricks that I haven't been able to fit into my schedule.
Veronica2010-05-01 10:56:40 +0000 #6
I ran to the gym yesterday - 3.5 miles, the first 2.5 into a nice strong head wind. Then worked out with my trainer for an hour. Wed. is upper body, so it's a good day to run to the gym. Thom picked me up. Once summer vacation comes I plan on running over and walking home. Running if I have the energy, but I tend to give it all in my training sessions.

Urlea2010-05-01 11:16:16 +0000 #7
Today wasn't supposed to be a running day, but it turned into one.

My swim/bike training at the gym was tapered which meant I could leave the car w/ DH at his office & run the mile home so I did.

Between the beautiful weather today (it was forecasted rain) and seeing a ton of runners out I was compelled. Felt good.

Oh! I decided to make myself more visible on the road & at races, figured some orange hair would do it. Matches my bike too, so it's a win-win!

DivingBiker I meant to congratulate you on your 1/2 marathon! Sounds like some portions were a test of courage, but you made it!!! Awesome job. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us too. Happy recovery.
indigoiis2010-05-01 10:11:01 +0000 #8
I like your hair!

I've been running all week to prepare for a 5K on Sunday. Well, today I ran the route.

Maybe it was the looking at the map, stopping, hesitating, backtracking, stoplights, street crossings, and the rain, but I did it in 40 minutes. I am disappointed! I hope I do better on Sunday!!!



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