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The Beat Goes on On - Running week of 1/26

Veronica2010-05-01 15:03:08 +0000 #1
Oh my goodness! I am sore and tired, but it's good.

Mondays and Fridays I meet with my trainer. I have been having some stomach issues the last few sessions and my workouts have made me want to hurl. Fridays my appointment time makes it hard for me to get in a good warm up before I meet with her, so last Friday I warmed up on the treadmill with her. She had me doing a 2 min. fast paced run, a two min. slow jog, 1 min. walk. We did that for ten minutes and then did Pilates the rest of the session.

Mondays my time is an hour later so I got to the gym early so I could do a longer run and I wanted to do the same intervals. We had decided on Friday that the pace I was doing each interval at was a little too easy, so I upped everything, except the walk. I kept upping it throughout the 32 minutes. Towards the end Van Halen's "Right Now" came on my Thumps. It's a very motivational song for me and I ran 4 minutes instead of two at 7 mph.

I was pretty pleased with that and did my last 2 minute section at 7.2.

The funny thing is... I didn't want to stop running; it was so much fun. Then my trainer kicked my butt with various activities: push ups on the bosu with 1 leg in the air, squats on the bosu, ...


Shiraz2010-05-01 15:14:13 +0000 #2
I am trying to stick to a plan and be more disciplined in my diet and work out schedule. Sunday is the beginning of my workout week and I managed to get my long run of 10.5 miles in the slush and snow. It went okay. I enjoyed my running buddies. I got home and jumped into a hot bath and slept for 1-1/2 hours! Monday , I left work a few minutes early and made the 6:30 PM Yoga class. I really like Yoga. I sleep sooo much better after a class. Today I ran intervals at the gym (6- 800 m with 1/4 recovery plus 1 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down) They just kick my "A" ! The SLC half will be here before I know it.

YELLOW, will you be around?? I think you should run it just for the heck of it For you folks that don't know Yellow is one of those amazing athletes that could decide to do something like run a half on a weeks notice!
kacie tri-ing2010-05-01 15:45:20 +0000 #3
I made it out for about 5 miles today! By far the longest run since the marathon. It was supposed to be 4, but to be honest, I forgot what my four mile run route was, so I accidently did 5

I feel good, so cross your fingers!

I think it is time to buy new shoes....I'm sure I could make it a few more miles, but I did most of my marathon training since october in those shoes, and I don't want to push it as I start to slowly increase mileage again!
OakLeaf2010-05-01 15:21:53 +0000 #4
A little over 7 miles this afternoon/evening. Nice easy pace, and especially after yoga in the morning, it really became a moving meditation toward the last 2-3 miles.

It was a beautiful day for running - not too cool, not too warm, not too humid, nice firm sand on the beach just off low tide.

I'm thinking I'll try to do a half marathon in the fall. I'll be 50 in November and I need some kind of goal for that milestone. See how a half mary goes, and maybe MAYBE aim for a full one next year. Only thing is, I want to have done a marathon a lot more than I want to actually do it.

We'll see.

EDIT: There's a marathon and half, two weeks before my birthday, an hour from my house.

I'm going to think about it but I think I need to do it.
Jolt2010-05-01 16:09:17 +0000 #5
15 minutes barefoot on the YMCA track again. I definitely need to build up slowly with this; the balls of my feet are feeling it a bit now. Then I did some strength training in the gym; I am finally getting that routine going--mostly functional-type exercises, only a couple of things using machines (for known problem areas).
yellow2010-05-01 15:31:11 +0000 #6

Originally Posted by Shiraz

YELLOW, will you be around?? I think you should run it just for the heck of it

I think I'm around. But I'm not running anything on pavement! I would be happy to be your sherpa, your cheering squad, your tour guide, whatever!

The Bonneville Shoreline Trail Marathon is the following weekend. Hopefully I'll be in shape enough to run that this year. Half, OK, I can do that. But a full is something altogether different...and it's so close to ski season that I end up fretting over not skiing or not running because I was either out running or skiing!

And now that I'm becoming a Crossfit junkie, I need to fit that in there too.

I'm on schedule for a 25k trail race that I'm doing mid-February. Went for a lovely run this evening in the cemetery here by my house. Saw a bunch of deer and no people. Cold (which I LOVE) and peaceful. Ran in the fresh snow last night, which left me wiped but it was so pretty and nice and cold out. Much better than having to run on the dreadmill when the air was so bad last week!
michelem2010-05-01 18:03:21 +0000 #7
After overtraining last week, I didn't do anything 'til tonight except my lyrical class on Friday night. Tonight I decided to do a treadmill run and just see how I felt. The gym was hot and muggy again -- UGH. I did a 1 mile warm up --.5 at 6.5mph and then .5 at 7mph, then 3 miles at 7.5 mph, and then a 1 mile cooldown from 6.5mph down to 4.2mph. I was sweating like CRAZY and really lost energy toward the end. I am convinced I dehydrated myself. As an experiment I weighed myself before and after my run and found I lost almost 2 pounds. That's almost 2% of my body weight in fluid loss (not counting the fluid retained in my clothing -- I was soaked -- not good!

So, no wonder I felt so depleted. Did some PUPs (1 set of 36) and then some bicep and tricep curls. That's it for tonight.

Work stress has been depleting my energy as well. I think I'm going to pass on the 1/2 in March. I think I need to be easier on my body for a while. Maybe do some more yoga and less high stress stuff. I'm getting enough stress at work.

I'm trying to be grateful I have a job with the economy the way it is, but that same economy is the reason why I don't have any help (and from what my boss says, won't be getting any help in the foreseeable future) and am so overwhelmed. Any ideas on good-for-me stress management is appreciated (exercising isn't working for me -- it is just causing more stress on my body and depleting me).
emily_in_nc2010-05-01 17:14:39 +0000 #8
I finally did two one-mile slow runs (jogs) on the treadmill on Friday and Monday since I am rehabbing my quadriceps tendinitis. Felt good except for a couple very mild knee twinges in the evening after each run. I am going to have to come back very slowly from this injury and not push it as I have a tendency to do. I did a yoga class yesterday, which was wonderful, and I have Pilates tomorrow, which I also love. Will try another short run on Friday -- maybe I'll make 1.5 miles this time.



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