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Nike + iPod Sport

wavedancer2010-05-01 14:36:22 +0000 #1
Has anyone used this accessory for running with an iPod? I am thinking of getting it for my hard-to-buy-for brother.

Nike + iPod:
jesvetmed2010-05-01 14:47:51 +0000 #2
I've been using it a couple of years. I really like it. Fairly accurate right from the get go... and you get some motivational stuff when you hit new Personal REcords... Like Lance Armstrong or Paulina (... don't remember her last name) congratulating you on your "fastest mile". Basic tracking of your miles online for free. And you can compare the MPH on a graph on the Nike Website.

So all in all -- pretty cool. But GPS it's not!

Happy Shopping!
singletrackmind2010-05-01 14:49:10 +0000 #3
My sister bought it but can't wear Nike shoes comfortably so used a little velcro pouch she had to attach it to her shoe laces. There are pouches made just for it that you can get if you don't want to be tied to buying Nike+ shoes. The only thing she didn't like was that you can't replace the battery, you have to buy a new sensor.



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