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Calling All Turkey Trotters!!!

michelem2010-05-01 13:20:52 +0000 #1
Anyone do a Turkey Trot today? I did the Folsom Turkey Trot 10k. It started out foggy, but cleared up at the end (funny, it was only a couple miles from home and it was still foggy at home when I got back). The narrow trail was PACKED with walkers, dogs, strollers -- you name it -- even a guy on a bike pulling his kids in a trailer. So, those of us running had quite the obstacle course to maneuver through. It was neat seeing all the families out there though. I finished in 50:50. Not as fast as I wanted, but good enough. I used the race as my tempo run, in prep for the marathon next weekend. I have one last 8-10 miler this weekend, and then two very short runs during the week (6x400m speedwork on Tuesday and a 3 mile run at planned marathon pace on Thursday) and that's it! YIKES!!!

The knee is holding up with the kinesio taping. NO PAIN!!!

I was on the pot all morning before the race today and again when I got home, but no potty issues during the race -- YAY!!!

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving.

rocknrollgirl2010-05-01 13:27:54 +0000 #2
Believe it of not, we did not have a single turkey trot within 2 hours of our house! Bummer. I would have trotted.....
IFjane2010-05-01 14:08:28 +0000 #3
DH & I did a 5K Turkey Trot in Fredericksburg, VA. I finished 7th out of 28 in my age group. Not bad for my very first one, if I do say so myself.
Aggie_Ama2010-05-01 14:44:07 +0000 #4
We didn't do ours this year because I came down with bronchitis and couldn't properly continue to train. Ours is 5 hilly miles. We went for a nice 30 miler before hitting the Thanksgiving meal.
michelem2010-05-01 14:30:59 +0000 #5

I'm guessing you meant a 30-miler on the bikes? If you ran 30 in lieu of a hilly 5, then WOW!

Congrats, IFjane! I came in 14th out of 20 females in my age group -- not so hot (wonder why they don't break down males/females together by age group?). Can't wait 'til next year when I'll be at the youngest in my age group instead of the oldest! Gives me something to look forward to when turning 40!

However, I did come in 138th out of 456 -- that sounds a little better, right???

Total, there were almost 2000 out there with timing chips on (for the 5k and 10k combined). That is not counting all the dogs, kids, babies in strollers, and those who did not wish to be timed who were out there as well. And all this on a narrow residential path! Yikes!

However, this was a fundraiser for a good cause so I am glad so many people turned out. And what a great family thing to do together!
kacie tri-ing2010-05-01 14:23:16 +0000 #6
Hey! I did the Atlanta Thanksgiving half marathon! It was great! Just a little hilly, but 10,000 people and lots of holiday spirit!



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