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Autumn Running Week of Sept. 22

limewave2010-05-01 16:33:09 +0000 #1
I'll start the thread this week

I had a great 5k run this morning at 5 AM. About half way in, another runner turned on my route. She was about a block ahead of me and running at a slightly faster pace--she made a great carrot. I finally caught her with 1/4 mile to go, just when I wanted to start cooling down.

It was great to be running again. It was the first run since I twisted my ankle 8 days ago and since I found out I was pregnant. I only felt nauseated during the cool down.

I love running in the fall.
Grog2010-05-01 16:35:42 +0000 #2
Oh yeah, the Fall is here too!

I will be running on Tuesday and Friday morning, and a long run on Sunday. My long run will probably hit 11 K (as flat as possible). I don't control the agenda on the weekday runs, but it should be 5 to 7 K max.

Thanks for getting the run ball rollin'.
michelem2010-05-01 16:54:12 +0000 #3
Congrats on getting back out there, limewave!

I'm glad your ankle didn't give you any trouble and that you were able to enjoy yourself.

Grog, I'm looking forward to reading about your runs this week! It's supposed to heat up here into the 90's again this week, but cool down into the 80's again next weekend so I'm glad about that!

Sunday, September 21 was my longest run ever (and I didn't fall this time!). 18 miles or so (I say, "or so," because it may have been slightly longer since I got turned around on two separate occasions and then had to backtrack). Had to stop once to use the "facilities" about an hour into it, once to ask directions, and once to get more water. Also ended up walking about 1/4 - 1/2 mile or so toward the end . . . the uphills at the end really killed me. The course was mainly downhill sidewalks for the first 3.5 miles, then gently rolling paved MUT (I tried to stay on the dirt shoulder as much as possible) for about 11 miles, and then the 3.5 back uphill this time on sidewalks.

I was REALLY REALLY hurting the last 3.5 miles of this one. Last weekend's run was hillier, but I didn't hurt. My butt and right hip really hurt during the latter part of this run. My feet and ankles were killing me when I got home and took my shoes off. Today it is my right hip (from the hip flexor around to the butt). I did some body rolling on the hamstrings, quads, and ITB's last night.

Even thought I took Thursday-Saturday off (well, I did my pushups and also did a lyrical dance class on Friday night), my right quad was still quite sore when I headed out Sunday morning (from my over-ambitious Wednesday night two ballet classes followed by treadmill speedwork). I'm thinking I have some kind of muscle imbalance on the right side. My new health insurance doesn't have a physical therapist within 100 miles of where I live though . . . so, if it doesn't get better soon, I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and pay out of pocket.

I'm worried 'cause next weekend's long run calls for 20 miles. I just don't know if I can do it without hurting myself . . . maybe I'll have to find a flatter place to run.

They gentleman who is giving me training advice is out of the country until early October . . .

Oh, also learned that eating something before going out is NOT a good idea for me. Normally I don't eat anything before going out, but I figured that since I'd be out for 3 hours or so I should eat something beforehand. Had a piece of whole wheat toast with about 2 tbs. almond butter and some raisins on it, about 1-1/2 hrs. before heading out. I felt kind of nauseous for the first hour and then had to poop!

Luckily, that was right around when I arrived at the only toilets on the route. (sorry if that is TMI). At that one hour mark I drank about 10 oz. of water. Over the next two hours I drank another 30 oz. of water and 20 oz. of Accellerade. It wasn't all that warm (55 when I headed out and 70 when I returned), but it sure felt humid in the earlier part of the run.

Also, I find it really hard to eat anything for about 3 hours after I run. I'm thirsty, but not hungry at all. So, yesterday, I tried something different that worked pretty well. Got in the door and downed about 48 oz. of water flavored with organic unsweetened lemon juice and stevia. Then showered, etc. And then I made a smoothie with about 1 cup of organic soymilk, 1 cup of blueberries, 1 cup of strawberries, 1 scoop of ground flaxseed, and 1 cup of water. By that time I guess I'd been home for about an hour, so I still wasn't within that 15-30 min. window, but better than usual. I sipped on that for about 15 minutes or so and it wasn't as daunting as eating something solid.

Do any of you have a hard time eating within that 15-30 minute window? If so, how do you deal with it???
limewave2010-05-01 17:53:54 +0000 #4

Originally Posted by michelem

Do any of you have a hard time eating within that 15-30 minute window? If so, how do you deal with it???

I used to get up early to eat oatmeal, go back to bed for 60 minutes, then get up and run. By the time I got dressed and everything, 90 minutes had passed since I ate. That seemed to work well.

And after those really long runs, I wouldn't want to eat right away either. I usually had to wait an hour or so and then I had to eat slowly with little bites. I think as long as you are getting something in your system within 2 hrs, you should be good.

At this point, it's better to take a week off than to risk injuring yourself. I did the same thing while training for Chicago. I had a large, painful cyst that grew on my foot after I did my 18-miler. My doctor said I would need surgery. Instead, I took a week off and it went away. I never got in my 20 mile training run, 18 was the farthest I did--and I still had a successful marathon.

Do you go to a chiropractor?
tattiefritter2010-05-01 18:21:25 +0000 #5

Originally Posted by michelem

Do any of you have a hard time eating within that 15-30 minute window? If so, how do you deal with it???

Yes, particularly after running so I drink my calories. I take a recovery drink and mix it when I'm finished and drink it straight away. It took trying a few to find one I didn't mind too much as they are not always particularly nice tasting. I get my appetite for solid food back about an hour after I finish.

I did just under 6 hilly offroad miles again today after work! I realised as I was setting off form my car that I was heading out on the same loop where my psoas started giving me trouble and sure enough it was in danger of cramping up in exactly the same part of the run this time. It is short downhill gradient on tarmac only about half a mile in. I think I am running a bit too fast as I wasn't properly warmed up, I slowed down in time and it only grumbled a little for the rest of the run. The light is fading fast though, 7pm and very gloomy, pah!

I will look through my training notes as I had problems with this before but managed to solve it, I bet it involves "core work"
michelem2010-05-01 17:21:27 +0000 #6
Thanks for the food suggestions. 90 minutes before didn't work for me, so I think I need to go back to foregoing before-run eating. Drinking the smoothie seemed to work pretty well . . . maybe I'll have to force myself to stink a little longer before showering so I can drink it first . . .

No chiropractor coverage AT ALL (not even out-of-network coverage) with my insurance; and no in-network physical therapy providers within 100 miles. Sigh . . . I HATE this new insurance! I'm paying loads more ($100 per month for me and hubby as opposed to $50 per month with the old insurance) and so far the only in-network provider we've found is over 20 miles away (dermatologist for hubby's skin cancer). The joys of working for an organization headquartered in a different state . . .

But, it's important so, like I said, if this doesn't get better this week, I'll find someone and pay out of pocket.

Hope your psoas clears up soon, tattiefritter!
spindizzy2010-05-01 18:34:09 +0000 #7

Originally Posted by limewave

I'll start the thread this week

It was the first run since I twisted my ankle 8 days ago and since I found out I was pregnant.

Congratulations limewave!

Did 6.0k/30min yesterday.

I too love fall. It is my favourite time of year.
limewave2010-05-01 19:47:43 +0000 #8
I did a 4-4.5 mile run. Felt pretty good. I wish I would have gone first thing in the AM. I waited until my lunch break and it was an unseasonable 78 degrees. It was very hot, which is something I need to be concerned about now.

My goal is to be running about 15 miles a week.






S--6.5-7 miles


TOTAL: 17-18 miles

(Should everything go as planned)



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