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Running: Week of July 28

limewave2010-05-01 18:56:37 +0000 #1
I couldn't think of a clever title . . . sorry.

I wanted to share my 10k race report from the weekend.

Saturday was a local 5k and 10k race. The 5k had 900 participants and the 10k had 300. I ran the 10k while pushing DD in the baby jogger. I haven't run more than 3 miles with her this season, so I knew it would be tough.

We had a rough morning getting to the race. From the start I was stressed and on edge, which was not good. Then, 3 minutes before the start I was told they didn't allow joggers in the race. I was there alone and had no one to watch DD. It was either race with her or not at all. I asked them to show me in the brochure where it said joggers weren't allowed--and they couldn't. She admitted that it wasn't in any of their literature. So, DD and I raced. Afterall, this is supposed to be a big family event, I thought parents running with their children would be fully embraced.

It was 84 degrees and sunny. The first 3 miles were in full sun without a breeze. I had never felt so sick in a race before. I thought for certain I would either pee my pants or vomit (sorry for the tmi). DD seemed to be having fun and I passed her snacks and a cup every now and then. There were some small hills that I normally wouldn't notice but were a real challenge while I was pushing the jogger.

DD got her own cups at the water stations. She saw all the other runners dumping water on their heads, so she did the same.

Right at mile 3, when I felt like quitting, a friend of mine ran back to see how we were doing. He had run the 5k and was finished. He came right along side and took over pushing DD for a mile. He was a LIFESAVER.

At this point a nice breeze kicked-in. In fact, it was a shock to my system and the temperature change was making me ill. But I pushed through it with the help of my friend.

He gave the jogger back to me just before the big hills at mile 5. I jogged as much as I could but had to walk parts. The illness finally seemed to be leaving me and I picked up the pace for the last mile and managed to pass a few people.

It was a brutal, uphill climb to the finish line--our own Alp d'huez. I dug deep and ran across that line. DD clapped and cheered. It was a good event.

I finished with a 1:02. 10 minute mile average. I am really happy with my time. DD had a blast. It was great we could do that together. I wish more races allowed baby joggers . . . maybe I'll organize my own stroller race.

Veronica2010-05-01 19:02:01 +0000 #2
You rock Limewave! I can barely get my own carcass up a hill, let alone pushing a stroller!

I did 10.3 miles yesterday. It was probably my last big effort before my HIM on Saturday.

The first 8.1 felt pretty good, but I needed a rest room. Thom was out riding his bike along my route and I borrowed his bike and rode home, which was like half a mile away.

He had to walk home in his bike shoes, poor guy. Good thing he has shoes you can walk in.

I then went back out for another 2.2 miles. That didn't feel so good. Stupid me drank too much water AGAIN! while I was in the house.

I lost 4 pounds while running, I was absolutely drenched with sweat. I know how I'm suppose to drink while exercising. I do it all the time on long bike rides, but apparently my brain goes on hiatus when I run.

But the funny thing is, I'm actually starting to like running. I was enjoying myself yesterday. I'm looking forward to not having the pressure of 13 miles looming over me and focusing on getting the run better for next season.

Today I took a dance class at my gym, does that count as running?

I WAS the most pathetically uncoordinated person in the room. But the instructor was at my old gym and I really like her.

oneskineejosie2010-05-01 19:03:34 +0000 #3
Wow Limewave! 10 minute miles for a 10k sound good to me WITHOUT pushing a jogging stroller! Great job!!!

And kudos for sticking up for yourself when they tried to tell you you couldn't run with the jogger. A lot of people would have just gotten frustrated, packed up, and called it a day. Good for you!!!!
OakLeaf2010-05-01 19:45:27 +0000 #4
Yay Limewave!
MDHillSlug2010-05-01 19:50:52 +0000 #5
I did a 3.25 mile Farlek in my bramd new running shoes. Good run and the shoes seem like they will work out.
limewave2010-05-01 19:29:10 +0000 #6

Originally Posted by MDHillSlug

I did a 3.25 mile Farlek in my bramd new running shoes. Good run and the shoes seem like they will work out.

What new running shoes did you get?



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