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Ultra running - WS training run

horsemom2010-05-01 22:25:17 +0000 #1
Well, I am flying to Sacramento from NY on Friday for the Western States training run. Yikes. The first day is 31 miles, the second is 19 and the third is 20. Double yikes. Back in December, when I signed up, it seemed like a good idea....Now I am worried!!!

First, it is hot there and we have not had any temps over 50 in a month, in fact, it was predicted to snow here today! I think I will be ok with the altitude, as I ran several miles of the trail last summer and felt ok. The camping out might get me, though!! All I have to do to make the cut offs is average 18 min miles----even in the canyons I think I can do that if I can roll along downhill and not break an ankle!

Anyone else from here crazy enough to be signed up?

Any words of wisdom?

maillotpois2010-05-01 22:37:13 +0000 #2
Are you doing WS 100? I had a marathon run coach a while back who had several silver buckles. I always had half a mind to do something like that. Trail running (especially at those distances) is really basically super fast hiking, something I have always loved.

Since I haven't done anything quite like that, running-wise, I don't have event specific advice, but some basics from ultra cycling seem to carry over:

1. Run to the next check point, aid station, mile, top of hill, whatever. Don't look at it as a 20 mile (or whatever) day. Look at it as a series of one mile days.

2. Stay hydrated with good electrolyte replacement - especially given the heat. and hydrate SUPER well this whole week, also with electrolyte drink as opposed to just water.

3. Pay particular attention to your hydration on the plane and in the airport. AFTER the training weekend, please rehydrate well before getting back on a plane and once on the plane, be sure to get up and walk around every hour or so. There's plenty of anecdotal evidence suggesting endurance athletes may be more prone to DVTs - especially after an event.

See Velogirl's article:

(It happened to me also.)

4. Have fun!!!

Good luck! Let us know how it goes.
horsemom2010-05-01 22:33:26 +0000 #3
Hey, thanks for the advice. Silly as it seems, I had not thought about pre hydration or the problems with flying.

I am not planning on doing the WS 100 at this point. You have to qualify then win a spot in a lottery. I may do the horse counterpart, which is called the Tevis Cup 100, someday.

I am new to ultra running, and as you said, it is like power hiking, so I am hopeful that I can do it. I frequently get off and power hike with my horses on 50 and 100 mile races. Funny part is, I am planning on doing 31 miles the first day, and I have never even done a marathon, or a half for that matter. I have no interest in running on pavement!

Thanks also for the 'run from check to check' advice. That is is same thing we tell new endurance horse riders!

yellow2010-05-01 22:50:47 +0000 #4
I've only done 2 big days back to back (20/20), never 3. And the longest I've run is a 50k. I've never trained for a 100 (and probably won't...a 50 miler, maybe...some day). Here's what works for me:

Find someone to run with. If they are going a little slower than you, slow down a little. They will speed up a little. And if they are going a little faster, latch on. They will slow down. Running with someone makes a huge, huge difference.

Don't stop for long at the aid stations. Grab and go. Don't eat stuff you've never eaten before. Nibble through and beyond the aid station. I always bring my own food just in case I can't/don't want to eat what they have at the station.

Don't wear old socks or new shoes.

Walk with purpose when you do walk.

I don't know if you've trained with Endurolytes of Salt Stick or anything like that. I can't run more than about 2-3 hours without them. I also use the Hammer Anti Fatigue. I might be mental, but I think it makes a difference. Too late to start that now since you don't know how your body will react. Something to think about for future really long runs.

Always make the effort to check in (if required). Thank the volunteers profusely.

Know that you will hit walls. Know that you will get through them.

Have fun! You will meet some really amazing people. Enjoy the moment(s)!



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