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Any Nike+ iPod owners?

Tiffany2010-05-01 20:23:38 +0000 #1
Hey all,

I did a search before posting this but had no luck so I thought I would go ahead and ask ... Do any of you own the Nike+ iPod system? It's that chip that goes in your shoe and the transponder that goes on the bottom of your iPod? Just curious. I've used mine since Christmas and absolutely love it. The website lets you track all kinds of information and you can set personal goals and join world wide challenges. It's actually really neat. Anyway, just curious if anyone else was using it. I thought we might join a challenge together or something.
jesvetmed2010-05-01 20:28:48 +0000 #2
Hi! I have been using it for about a year. I didn't buy the shoes, but have the ipod and nike-plus, and got a neat little leather thing to stick it in on my shoelaces. Love it, Love it, Love it! I would love to do a TE challenge! Would be fun to see us all logged on one chart. I'm in!!! Just tell me when.
Tiffany2010-05-01 20:39:23 +0000 #3
Sweet! Let's see how many more people respond to this thread and then maybe we'll get a challenge going just to keep us all motivated!
Idealmuse2010-05-01 20:36:53 +0000 #4
I'm in if you guys decide to set up a challenge. Been using mine since Jan. Was sticking it in my shoe, but I finally needed new shoes and was lucky that the "correct" pair also happened to be a nike+ pair! Woo Hoo!
brok2010-05-01 21:13:06 +0000 #5
Have one and use it all the time. I'm up for a challenge - anything to keep me focused on my workouts right now, winter is dragging on and on and on - well, you get the idea
Tiffany2010-05-01 22:16:17 +0000 #6
Great! This is good. I'll shoot out a couple of options and you guys let me know which one you want. When I get it set up I'll let you know.

1. Most miles in 30 days

2. Most miles in 60 days

3. First person to 50 miles

4. First person to 100 miles

Any other sugguestions?
Tiffany2010-05-01 21:25:03 +0000 #7
jesvetmed2010-05-01 21:32:32 +0000 #8
How about most miles in 30 days? or 60 days?

I'll be in! I won't win, but it's always helpful to join a challenge.




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