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Running up a tab - Mar 3 to 9

Wahine2010-05-01 21:50:27 +0000 #1
I'm not running today. But I'm dreading running tomorrow so I thought that was reason enough to start the thread.

Alright ladies, inspire me.
SadieKate2010-05-01 21:56:30 +0000 #2
I have to say the titles of each week's thread are entertaining.
Tiffany2010-05-01 22:31:12 +0000 #3

Originally Posted by SadieKate

I have to say the titles of each week's thread are entertaining.


I'll report back this evening when I get back from the gym. Yes, just when I thought I'd get to run outside regularly, the weather turned back to muck ... the Midwest sucks sometimes.
baskingshark2010-05-01 23:04:02 +0000 #4
I've never posted on this thread before, so I hope a newbie is welcome.

I ran a 5k race yesterday -freezing cold, pretty windy, hilly course. What fun! I knew I was going slowly when the first runners passed me (out and back course) at the 1/2 mile mark!

I'm working on running in enough qualifying races for automatic entry into next year's NYC Marathon, 3 down, 6 to go.
MDHillSlug2010-05-01 22:25:48 +0000 #5
I got out for a very short run (0.7 miles) on Saturday. You see, my 11 yo daughter has been running in gym class and has decided that she wants to run a race. So, we went running together on Saturday. Her gym running is a 1 mile cross country route where she ends up walking the uphill parts. Saturday she ran non-stop for the whole run. She was quite tired at the end but quite pleased with herself. We've identified a May 17 1k race she's now planning to do.

This morning I did 3.7 miles. My legs were still a bit tired from my 31 mile ride yesterday but I did pretty well until into the last mile. I'll be bumping up to 4 miles pretty soon.
Grog2010-05-01 22:20:09 +0000 #6

Originally Posted by baskingshark

I've never posted on this thread before, so I hope a newbie is welcome.

All are welcome!!
tattiefritter2010-05-01 22:20:20 +0000 #7
Got out today! I've been resting since Thursday as my shins were hurting (don't want to mess with them) though when I had my sports massage on Saturday morning it was really my calves that were tight and he loosened everything off painfully - the tibialis posterior (I think he said) twanged like a guitar string, guess who has been neglecting their stretching?

Things were still a bit tender Sunday but today I decided to go out, I'm off work so had all day. I had to wait until three pm for the hail/snow showers to stop long enough but I headed out on an exploratory run to check out some new trails. It was sometimes very slow progress due to checking the map all the time and scoping out the condition of some tracks then heading back to the main path I was following. I loved it, nearly fell flat on my face several times due to my trail shoes clogging up with mud but it all added to the fun. I practically had the area to myself (it feels quite remote considering it is close to one of the heaviest populated areas in England) and there were fantastic views from the top of the hill I was aiming for, I so wished to take some pictures but unfortunately OH has the cameras but the light was fantastic and clear and the sun was shining.

It was absolutely baltic at the top of the hill with a strong biting wind so I changed into my jacket and turned to look the way I had just run up ready to head back and I could see the most ominous black clouds heading in from the Irish Sea. I headed of quickly to drop some height but then continued on off down a new trail then down into some woods where I slipped and slided my way on a myriad of tracks before finding the stream I was looking for and following it back to my car. As I drove away the skies blackened and the sleet started

Even though it was only 6.5 miles it felt quite tough, when I mapped it there was over 1000ft of climb, which along with the very soft conditions explains a little though I was lacking in energy and hungry for the whole thing, however I was just glad to be up there today.

A productive run as I have now found some extra trails that I can add onto my regular long trail run to take the distance up over 13 miles and 2000ft

in preparation for my big trail race in May.

I'm off all week and the forecast is good for tomorrow so I'm going to head out on the MTB for a couple of hours then I'm off up to Scotland to visit my folks (taking my running kit with me to hopefully get out for a trundle).
Tuckervill2010-05-02 00:28:37 +0000 #8
Make all the plans to run today, getting your stuff together, etc., knowing that when the time comes you can always change your mind and stay in. Then put off thinking about it until it's time. When the alarm clock goes off, exercise your "integrity at the point of decision". Ask yourself what the consequences are for not going, and ask how you're going to feel afterwards.

You know, as soon as you start you'll feel better about it and will experience that sense of pride and accomplishment for making informed choices.

You inspire me.




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