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Nike + Sport Pack for Nano

ummbnb2010-05-01 23:36:35 +0000 #1
I need new running shoes...badly. I used to run in Nikes but switched to New Balance after my son was born and my feet changed. I got a new Nano for Christmas and I love gadgets so was thinking of switching back to Nike and getting the sport pack thingy.

Anyone have one - love it? hate it? abilvalent?
Idealmuse2010-05-01 23:45:53 +0000 #2
Love it.

Not super accurate but a fun toy. Some of us TE members have a Nike+ challenge going on right now. If your concerned about accurate and have the money you can get a GPS type system but the Nike+ is cheap and nano's are awesome.

I like it because it times my work-out. I always forget to look at the time and gives me a good estimate on distance.

You don't need the nike shoes BTW to use the system, but it does make things easier.



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