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Running Week - Jan. 22nd to 28th - Because I can.

Grog2010-05-01 21:08:20 +0000 #1
I run because I can.

And because it's beautiful in the world out there at 7:30 in the morning as the sun rises and the moon sets.

Short, slow run this morning, but happiness for the whole day!
teigyr2010-05-01 21:15:04 +0000 #2
Thanks for starting the new week

I had a slow 2.5 miles this morning. It was cold! But it was clear and beautiful and I was surprised I wasn't really sore from my 7 mile run yesterday.
Wahine2010-05-01 21:21:26 +0000 #3
2.95 miles this evening for me in the full moon and the cold.

It was spectacularly beautiful. Too bad my legs felt spectacularly horrid. Heavy and stiff. Oh yeah, that's why I don't run back to back days usually.

Oh well, at least I got outside.
nonsmoker32010-05-01 21:40:30 +0000 #4
Three AWESOME miles!!! The best time I have ever run. I won't post my time because I am sure it is slow for most of you, but I am very close to my speed goal and that tickles me to death.

Also swam 800 meters (and came pretty close to a PR on that, too)!

It is going to be a fantastic day!!!
alpinerabbit2010-05-01 22:07:29 +0000 #5
mehhhh! I officially can't!

today the pain is gone but when will it come back...
teigyr2010-05-01 22:59:02 +0000 #6
3.5 miles today. This was day 3 with no break and while I didn't have to walk, it wasn't as comfy as it could be. I will take a day off tomorrow. The good part of it all is I'm to 13 miles for the week so far which means I'll make my goal of 20 miles!

Another great thing is I'm to the stage where I kind of want to walk just because various things hurt but I don't. I actually have the choice whether or not to walk and that is kind of cool.
Kimmyt2010-05-01 21:32:10 +0000 #7
I'm taking the week off running due to my bruised/twisted ankle from the trail race the other weekend. I may try a short 2-3 mile run this weekend.

I was a naughty girl though and swam last night. But I only kicked with one leg, so I didn't do the ankle any harm. And dang, it sure felt good to move!

MDHillSlug2010-05-01 22:04:27 +0000 #8
I did my first 5k run since all of the PT, etc this Fall. My hammies were feeling a bit tight during my stretches so I didn't push it very hard. There was a beautiful (nearly) full moon hanging in the sky.



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