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Has anyone used the Nike+Ipod??

Hammer2010-05-02 00:47:50 +0000 #1
I have tried a pedometer before, but I don't think that I calibrated it correctly. I should've tried it again.

I thought that an Nike+Ipod set up might be cool. I already have a nano, I got it a year ago. I've seen pouches to hold the sensor onto non Nike shoes.

Does that work?

Also, I've seen that when the sensor dies, you have to replace the whole unit. $30 isn't a bad price. How long does the sensor last? My main issue is that buying something like that that's highly disposable blows. I love electronics as much as the next person, but would like to lower my carbon footprint if possible. So, thinking of that and a limited budget, I tend not to buy many gadgets... even though I still **** for them too.

If Nike assisted with recycling the units, that'd be cool. Do they take returns in order to refurbish the sensors at all? I tried looking around their site, but didn't see anything that would suggest that.




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