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Running Nov 11-17

roadie gal2010-05-01 23:35:58 +0000 #1
It was in the 30's all day so I got on the treadmill. Today's music was old disco from the 70's and 80's. Ahhh... Patti LaBelle, The BeeGees, Donna Summer... It was like time travelling. Hot nights in smokey bars... dark dance floors filled with dancers... the pounding beat and the swirling lights... getting very close and personal to "Love to Love You"... Ummm... never mind...

There's nothing like time travel... I made it 10 miles.
Wahine2010-05-01 23:52:07 +0000 #2
EEEEEEEKKKKK!! 10 miles on a treadmill with disco music. I can't think of worse torture!

I haven't heard back from my coach yet. So that means I don't have to start running just now.....right?
Shiraz2010-05-02 00:07:43 +0000 #3
Treadmill it is....................made it 8 miles of tempo work out. I love the 70 and 80's. Boston and the Bee Gee's reminds me of high school dances!! Mr Shiraz had a John Travolta suit that looked so good on the dance floor!
froglegs2010-05-01 23:50:18 +0000 #4
4 hilly miles on the road, sans soundtrack.
alpinerabbit2010-05-02 00:08:24 +0000 #5
2x 2 minutes video analysis of my running today. 3D Foot scan too.

Turns out I have the typical foot problem that leads to shin splints, so inlays it is, let's see how these will fix me.

I've been running 4x/week for 2 weeks without significant pain, but then again I skirted around the speed units. A long run was in order though, no pain...

Had a nice experience on a ramp that leads to my parents house, I felt much stronger than I used to. So all the training is working out in some way...
OakLeaf2010-05-02 01:47:40 +0000 #6
Finally dragged my sorry *ss out for a run yesterday. September's injury dragged into reasons turned into excuses and it had been way, way too long. So for now it was just get out there and do it, no intervals, no real "training" in mind. Having this thread up here was a big motivator!!!

It was one of those warm fall days anticipating rain, 65 degrees, cloudy and humid. Four laps of our 1-mile track, semi-resilient surface, through trees and landscaping. Slow, but it felt good. Just what I needed for a warm-up before teaching my advanced-beginner strength class.

I'm finally going to do that Daytona 5K this year.
limewave2010-05-02 00:45:27 +0000 #7
Went for a 5 miler last night and felt great. Finally! If you've read some of my other posts over the summer you know I had been struggling with fatigue and then was diagnosed with hypothyroid. Now that I'm being treated, I'm getting my energy back. YAY!
kaybee2010-05-02 02:46:51 +0000 #8
Three for me yesterday and probably three tomorrow. One running buddy is recovering from the NYC marathon and the other has a cold, so we won't be setting any speed or distance records this week.




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