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What? Did nobody run last week? Aug 6-12, then!

Skierchickie2010-05-02 02:38:45 +0000 #1
Everybody must be too busy running & doing fun stuff to post.

Yesterday's plan was a 73 mile road ride, but the forecast was for rain, finally, so we ran instead. DH & my GF & I headed out on the trails, with no particular plan - just 5 miles minimum. Fortunately DH & I carried water, because we went for 3 hours. And it didn't particularly rain (light drizzle, briefly - it is scary dry out there!). 70 degrees and 90% humidity - glad it wasn't warmer!

I was sooooo beat by the end (and we did lots of walking toward the end). And my left calf was all tight & painful. I blame the cobblestone beach and all the sand (some beaches along Lake Superior are loose, round rocks, ranging from tiny up to maybe 3" diameter, which seem like they are piled 6 feet deep - constantly moving underfoot). Everything is so powder-dry, any sand you encounter is soft & hard to run in. It was lots of fun, but I was really glad to get home. Hmmm - a 25k trail race in 2 weeks. Hope I feel better than yesterday!

Gotta go prepare for the ride now (so it's windy today , but yesterday there was a chance of severe storms with large hail, etc).

rocknrollgirl2010-05-02 02:50:38 +0000 #2
We ran, I was just too lazy to post.

Wed-hill repeats

Thur-recovery run

Sat-short transition run after two hour mt bike

Today-45 min trail run
alpinerabbit2010-05-02 02:57:33 +0000 #3
I went to my club's first run practice Tue, 15min warmup (all of them chatting like they were having coffee and myself with 160 HR), some exercises barefoot on a soccer field, then 3 intervals. The last one at 3:20 minutes per km, I held that for 1 min. Hee hee.Top Marathoners run sub 3min/km for >2 hours, this is ridiculous....

And I ran the tri yesterday and am very sore.
Kimmyt2010-05-02 03:52:05 +0000 #4
No running for me lately, but I've been dying to! My ankle is still a bit off, but I am going to try some shorter runs next week, plus I need to do 10 more miles by the end of August to meet my 100-mile goal. I would have been done 2 weeks ago if it hadn't been for my dang ankle... its so frustrating not to be able to do anything!
emily_in_nc2010-05-02 03:06:17 +0000 #5
I just did two treadmill runs as it was WAY too hot (101 to 104 for highs) to run outdoors. 2.75 and 3 miles (plus .5 miles walking each time) of slow running. I didn't figure those runs were worthy of starting the weekly thread, but I enjoyed them!




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