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"Running is for wimps, real women do cycling"

DebW2010-05-02 06:46:13 +0000 #1
I ran in the J.P. Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge in Boston 2 weeks ago. At the company staff meeting today, I was given "Running is for wimps; real women do cycling and hiking Award for demonstrating the benefits of cross training". I had let it be known that my run training would consist of 2-3 runs and plenty of cycling and hiking. And I posted my best time ever for this race, 34 minutes for 3.5 miles, which earned me the most improved (by 18%) runner trophy. But to be honest, my run time for this race is pretty consistently 9.5 min/mile. I got faster only by starting closer to the front so that I crossed the starting line 1 minute after the starting gun rather than 6 minutes after. I minimize my run training to avoid knee problems (didn't quite work, still recovering).

Well, all in good fun and for a little company spirit.
Tri Girl2010-05-02 06:49:13 +0000 #2
Wooo hooo! Way to go!



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