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And I ran... I ran so far away... L & LLR's- June 4 to June 10th!

KSH2010-05-02 04:48:16 +0000 #1
OK, sorry had to be creative. Figured I get off my lazy bum and start the thread this week.

This is how my week is shaping up:

MONDAY- Swim Workout #1B

TUESDAY- Weights, 3 mile easy run. 25 mile group ride


THURSDAY -4 mile easy run

FRIDAY-3 mile easy run

SATURDAY-15 - 20 mile easy ride

SUNDAY- Metroplex Sprint Triathlon

Looking like about 11 miles of running for the week.

Then... starting the week of June 11th, I start on my 18-week Half Ironman (HIM) training plan with my coach. We will be doing speed work during the week and distance on the weekends.

Of course, I'm still wondering what the heck I was thinking when I signed up for the HIM... but I keep reminding myself to be positive.

Shoot, I haven't even done a brick longer than 30/3.... but I time to get up my distance and endurance.
rheidis732010-05-02 05:01:47 +0000 #2
Your going to kill me at the Hotter!

Good for you..Man, I wish I had your energy!
KSH2010-05-02 05:00:28 +0000 #3

Originally Posted by rheidis73

Your going to kill me at the Hotter!

Good for you..Man, I wish I had your energy!

HA! Don't count on it. I won't be training for it. I will be training for my HIM in October...but not sure if I'll be doing any long distance rides before late August.

Last year I trained for HnH. This year, I'm just going out there to do what I can do. So don't worry.

So, you going to start running or what? Or you just lurking around this thread
Jenn2010-05-02 05:37:06 +0000 #4
Ok, first of all, THANK YOU for taking me back to my youth....I LOVED that song, even his hair!!!

Anyway, I envy you, I wish I could run again, but with this heel spur....the Doc said, no go.

You are amazing!!You are going to ROCK!!
limewave2010-05-02 06:44:21 +0000 #5
I feel like I can't keep up! So much training . . . so little time.

I had my first OWS this weekend. Actually, it was my first swim *period* in probably 6 or 7 years. It was frightening at first, but we floated for awhile until I got comfortable. I did a very slow 1000 meters. In just a swimsuit--no wet-suit. I live in Michigan. It was cold.

Today I had an interesting dilemma. I needed to get in a workout but DD really, really needed to go to bed. So, off to bed she went. Hmmm, couldn't leave the house to run or bike, didn't feel like doing tae-bo . . . so, I jumped rope in the garage for 5 minute intervals and then did sprints up and down are backyard. Not sure how to quantify this workout in the training log. My neighbors probably think I'm crazy.

Tuesday: 14 mi mntn bike, 2 mi run (brick)

Wednesday: 26 mi bike towing 40lbs trailer

Thursday: 7 mi trail run

Friday: 30-45 minutes weights

Saturday: run? bike? Can't decide

Sunday: Off to Atlanta! There will be a pool at my hotel, so hopefully I can get lots of swimming in.
Kimmyt2010-05-02 05:45:43 +0000 #6
3 mile run on the dreadmill today (i have no excuse, it was gorgeous outside, and it was dreadful inside on the 'mill) followed by a slightly schizophrenic swim class. I didn't even bother tallying yardage. If I'm lucky I broke 1000
rocknrollgirl2010-05-02 07:48:29 +0000 #7
Early morning beat the heat run...oh so HUMID!!!!

4 miles in 35 was good a Forrest Gump run, could have gone on and on....

Hope I stop sweating before school starts!

Everywhere I went ......I WAS RUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RedCanny2010-05-02 07:23:11 +0000 #8
3 mile run in 27 mins, this beautiful and cool morning. Butt was still sore from sprinting at the end of my race on Sunday. Otherwise, feeling good!



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