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Asics 2110 vs. 2120

Offthegrid2010-05-02 04:35:44 +0000 #1
Does anyone else use this shoe? I'm not liking this year's model (the 2120) and wondering if it's just me.

The shoe feels so stiff compared with the 2110, even though the running story lady assured me I wouldn't be able to tell the difference in this year's model.

I can still get the 2110 online, so I'm debating whether I should:Order several pairs of the 2110, which would be expensive up front.
Tough it out and give myself more time to get used to the shoe. I've only worn it to jog once and several other days just walking around.
Try to find a different shoe.
VeloVT2010-05-02 04:47:25 +0000 #2
I feel your pain. Running shoes can be so frustrating. Especially frustrating is laying out money for a pair that feels ok/good in the store, only to realize after a few runs that it really isn't the right shoe. For some reason I've had a whole string of wrong shoe choices recently.

I can't give any specific advice about the 2110s/2120s (a long time ago I had 2100s, too much stability for me, gave me ITBS issues), but as for whether or not the shoes are keepers, here's what I'd do --

running in them once is probably not enough to make a decision on. Run in them for a week -- if you still don't like them, you're not ever going to like them, and you should get a new pair of shoes. All of the things that bug you "a little bit" will continue to bug you each time you run, and it will be frustrating. It's a myth that modern running shoes break in, so a week should be enough to tell. On the other hand, sometimes it takes a few runs to get used to a "different feel", and after that you may come not to mind the differences. I"ve had this happen as well.

As for whether to stock up on the 2110s, or try a new shoe -- depends on how much you liked the 2110s -- whether they were "okay", or you were in shoe heaven . At any rate it might be worth going in and trying on a few different models, to see if anything feels really good. Asics DS Trainer is a nice shoe, lightweight but still very cushioned, and a little bit of stability...

edit: by the way... good luck !
RedCanny2010-05-02 04:49:38 +0000 #3
Interesting; my running shoe shop recommended the 2120 to me when I expressed fears that my 2110's feel to have too high a profile for trail running (they are great for road running). I tried on the 2120's & just there in the shop, didn't feel the difference I'd hoped to feel (i.e., to feel a bit shorter, esp. at the heel, I guess). My search for such a shoe started when I rolled my ankle off the edge of some pavement in December - and because in the summer I like to do trail-running.

If you do decide to stock up on the 2110's, psst, that model appears to be on sale at

NOTE: on that site, the 2120 is described as a trail shoe, while the 2110 is not. Trail shoes tend to be stiffer, as well as lower in profile.



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