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Marthoning again

limewave2010-05-02 05:18:02 +0000 #1
I just received a complimentary registration into the Chicago Marathon from New Balance. Yesterday I was joking with our PR person about using "exciting" and "sucky" in the same sentence. Well, that about wraps up how I feel. The Chicago Marathon is exciting and I"m really looking forward to it. But, it's going to be sucky doing all those long, lonely training runs this summer. I've been putting off signing up, but now I"m totally committed.
Tri Girl2010-05-02 05:23:53 +0000 #2
Chicago, huh??? It IS exciting and sucky- very appropriate!

How exciting to get the chance to do the race, but I know what you mean about all those long, lonely miles. Hopefully you can drag someone along with you (even if it's someone who's riding a bike while you run).



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