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Salt Lake City 1/2 or Full Marathon Anyone?

Shiraz2010-05-02 09:21:42 +0000 #1
Just checking to see if anyone is signed up to run the SLC? I'm signed up to run the half.
yellow2010-05-02 09:33:10 +0000 #2
It's right in my back yard, but since I don't run on pavement anymore, I'll probably just spectate. I watched a bit of it last year. I love to watch the elite folks run. It's so beautiful.

Have you considered any of the trail runs in this neck of the woods? The biggies are the Mid-Mountain marathon and Wahsatch steeplchase : (marathon length, and on the trails almost literally out of my back door). And of course the Wasatch Front 100 but bah! If you do that, I bow down to you. Anyway, I'd LOVE to do the mid-mountain marathon, having ridden that trail on my mountain bike and knowing how lovely it is, but I can't run 26 miles any more. I may do the Jupiter Peak Steeplechase (16 miles and a whole lot of uphill). Lots of hardcore trail runners (and races for them) here, due mostly to the fact that the Wasatch Front 100 attracts lots of runners. The Mountain Trails Foundation: sponsors the Steeplechase and Mid-Mountain marathon (click on the 2007 calendar for the 2007 dates...they don't seem to be very up on website maintenance...)

If you can swing it when you're in town for the SLC half, we should try to get a the local TE girls together for a bit!
Shiraz2010-05-02 09:46:09 +0000 #3

Sorry for the late reply. It's been a week! We should try to get together. It would be fun. I'll have to spend sometime looking those runs up. I really don't run full marathons anymore. A half is my limit. It is so to hard to dedicate the time plus I want to be on my bike.



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