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(Long and Less Long) Runs - 1/8 to 1/14

KSH2010-05-02 09:30:33 +0000 #1
Starting the thread for this week!

I haven't run yet today. I should be getting my lazy bum out for a 3-4 miler at lunch though. Let's see how it goes.

My miles last week were pathetic... only coming in at 5 miles and 2 days of running.

This will be a better week!
kaybee2010-05-02 09:37:03 +0000 #2
Three miles for me this morning with BOTH of my running buddies -- the guy that I run with and my half-marathon partner, who had not run a step since we did the half on December 2. She told me at mile 6 of the half that the reason she had been so sick for the past week was that she was 10 weeks pregnant!

Of course she finished, and with a respectable time (she's one tough lady). Fortunately, the morning sickness seems to have abated and the Musketeers are back together again for a while.

KSH2010-05-02 10:13:51 +0000 #3
Kaybee... happy to hear it! That's cool that your buddies are back running with you again.

Well, I was dreading running outside, as the said it was 46 degrees.

I got outside, and it was beautiful! The sun really made the difference. There was a little wind blowing, but I only had to endure that for a short portion of the run.

I went 3.50 miles in 36 minutes. Respectable time for me! I was happy with it and really glad that I went outside.
kaybee2010-05-02 10:01:53 +0000 #4
Good job, KSH! Any pain from the run? 46 sounds nice to me -- shorts weather!

btchance2010-05-02 09:51:33 +0000 #5
Did my first run this week, which due to rain that's coming may be my only outside run. Since I missed my long run last week due to call, I decided to turn my 40min run w/ intervals I had planned into an hour long run. The weather was definately not the best; it was in the low 40s with the wind gusting up to 30mph (at one point it literally moved me over a couple of feet

). Anyways, I warmed up then did my 5 x 3min intervals in zone 4-5a in the first 40minutes, then did the last 20 in LSD mode. In total I did right about 6miles.

The run overall felt pretty good; I need to work on pushing off for each stride (I think that's getting better slowly). My left knee is still sore from where I stupidly fell on it about a week ago and my feet are sore from standing up all day (amazing how much conditioning you lose for THAT over 2 weeks), but nothing too bad. Now let's just hope that this nice 3-day weekend I have coming is not rained out. (doing a little anti-rain dance

rocknrollgirl2010-05-02 09:55:54 +0000 #6
I have been down for the count with a neck injury (chiropractic in nature) for the last week. I have walked a couple of times, but no running or riding since Thursday.

Today I felt better so I did about 4.5 walk jog on the trails. I am feeling pretty good just now.

It has been a crappy week... can I say crappy????
Wahine2010-05-02 10:57:16 +0000 #7
So here I am, way past my bedtime and not ready to go to sleep because I rode my bike kinda late. I rode my bike kinda late because I was procrastinating because I ran at lunch and did speed intervals for the first time in, oh, 2 YEARS.

I had a good run - a little over 5 miles with 20 sec form and 30 sec sprint intervals. My best pace was 5:41 min/mile

according to my crazy large Garmin GPS/HRM. (No I didn't buy it, I'm not that geeky, it was a gift. I am geeky enough to say that it is a pretty cool gift

). I didn't even know that my legs could move that fast. So that was pretty enlightening. What isn't cool is that my legs are now putting out heat like hyperactive radiators and I don't think I'll ever go to sleep tonight.
KSH2010-05-02 11:08:42 +0000 #8

Originally Posted by kaybee

Good job, KSH! Any pain from the run? 46 sounds nice to me -- shorts weather!


46- shorts? NO WAY! HA!

Pain? Always. Can I tolerate it... yes. Nothing I can't push through. The day after my legs were tighter than usual, but I think that's because I ran back-to-back days.

My legs are still feeling it today (did a spin class yesterday), but it's suppose to be 62 here! I simply MUST run outside at lunch... before the weather turns to crap and I have to hit the treadmill.



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