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Ummm... gonna need some SERIOUS vibes...

Running Mommy2010-05-02 09:00:17 +0000 #1
Hey Ladies-

Hope all is well out there in TE land. I haven't been around much lately because I've been in my winter molt.

Now the sad thing is I was SUPPOSE to be training for a marathon... sigh...

But I think after 4 stand alone marys and an IM mary I'm just burned out on the 26.2 mi distance- and more importantly the training.

I just cannot for the life of me get motivated to run for longer than 2 hours. I've done a couple of three hour runs, but I should have done at least 2 in the four hour range. Lets just say I'm slow (thats the nice way to put it). My marathon PR is a whopping 5:47, so a two hour run is just barely getting going.

Well my race is next weekend - walt disney world- and I've been dreading the day for the last couple of weeks. I know that I'm in no shape for it,

but I figured I would just muttle through it as best as I can. I'm hoping that the good old muscle memory will kick in magically at some point

And then I saw the weather forecast for the race...

low 62, high 84, 71% humidity!!!!

Ok, I have embraced the arid desert that is Phoenix. I LOVE my dry air. LOVE it!! And I HATE humidity! When I was visiting our friends in Atlanta a couple of years ago I about DIED from the humidity! On my run I felt like I was being suffocated.

So here I am, facing 26.2 sun drenched miles with the humidity smothering me like an old wet blanket..... And I'm way undertrained to begin with....

Sigh... This is gonna be a TRAIN WRECK!!!!!

At this point I'm just going to try to keep on target to make it in under the 7 hour cut off! And I was hoping to come in around 5:30.... Sigh... Whaddya gonna do?

I suppose I have to own up to the fact that I chose not to train properly, and just do the best I can. And of course hope for some miracle!!!

Maybe Jenny Ewing will be watching over me that day and she can offer me some cooling effects from her wings... All I know is I'm gonna need an angel that day. Yes I am...

So please wish me luck! And send some dry air vibes my way next sunday. Oh and some running legs wouldn't hurt either...



Thistle2010-05-02 09:13:38 +0000 #2

Originally Posted by Running Mommy

Hey Ladies-

but I should have done at least 2 in the four hour range.

So please wish me luck! And send some dry air vibes my way next sunday. Oh and some running legs wouldn't hurt either...



Running mommy.... i am sending you lots of very very dry air from downunder ... you can have ALL our dry air...i hope it makes its way to where you are running

I am in shock that anyone can run for 4 hours

but have to say i'm always mesmerised by the marathon on the olympics.. DH cant understand how i can sit and watch them for over 2 hrs, but it's just cos i'm in awe

So, you need to remember that by average jane citizen standards, you are amazing to even attempt a marathon. Try not to be so hard on yourself. I reckon if you finish in those conditions you need to give yourself a huge pat on the back and remember that most mere mortals couldnt even conceive of starting a marathon let alone finishing one.

You rock for going in it

Oh and good luck. Hope you legs are itching to run and the humidity disappears altogether.
Wahine2010-05-02 09:17:11 +0000 #3
Good luck running mommy. I'm sure you'll finish fine, maybe not a PR but that's OK. When I did my first IM and my legs were lead for about 10 km due to electrolyte imbalance, I made little goals for myself on the way and it helped immensely. For example "I'll just run to the next light post, then I'll just run to the stop sign" and so on. Hang in there when the going get tough and set some regular walk breaks for yourself, you'll make it through.

I'll be thinking of you. Try to have fun!
Velobambina2010-05-02 10:13:37 +0000 #4
Denise -- I'll be sending a lot of good karma your way on race day (especially those last awful six miles!). I bet that once you get there and get caught up in the race atmosphere, you'll be fine. Maybe that easing back on your training will actually help you this time---an extra long taper after all your 2006 races? You never know. Just go for smiles, not miles, and you might surprise yourself.
Bikingmomof32010-05-02 09:29:48 +0000 #5
You can do it Denise! I have been humbled by the humidity that I live in. I cannot believe I ever complained about dry heat.

I miss it terribly. With that said I know you will do well. I am impressed you are even attempting the run. You continue to inspire me to become a better runner. Try not to worry about the time, and remember it is supposed to be fun. I am cheering you on.
Running Mommy2010-05-02 09:55:38 +0000 #6
I really appreciate the well wishes. I just need to get through this thing.

The funny thing is I'm actually looking forward to getting this race over with so I can get my ironman training started in earnest.

I haven't been riding much. It's been run, Run, RUN....
Tri Girl2010-05-02 10:23:20 +0000 #7
Ok Denise- you KNOW you can do it!!! You've done 5 marys- you've got this one down. It may hurt a little more than normal, and may take longer than you'd like- but your legs know the distance well and you can do it!!! I like what Velobambina said- worry about the smiles not the miles! You know you can cover the distance, so just go out there and have fun. After all, you're in Disneyworld- there couldn't be a more fun place on earth! You'll do great- just don't think of it as 26.2 miles- break it down into 4 10K's then a short 1.4 mile run. A 10K is easy, you're just doing 4 back to back with lots of support- no problemo!


And I feel you on the stand alones- the training is just boooring! I say this as I'm getting ready to do a marathon in VA Beach in mid March. This time I'm only running 3-4 days a week and continuing my regular tri training the rest of the week. I figure that formula worked when doing IM training and my IM marathon was the most fun I had, so hopefully it'll work for this one.
alpinerabbit2010-05-02 11:38:40 +0000 #8



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