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Long runs 11/27 - 12/03

Grog2010-05-02 09:14:44 +0000 #1
Any running, post-marathon girls, runners on the path back from injury, weekend warriors, dear TE friends?

I had interrupted my running schedule, indulging in guiltless runless days since Wednesday. The weather had been bad and I had been very busy, and just felt great taking a short break.

Thankfully I had a running date with my running partner this morning at 9am for a 90-minute run or so. We packed nearly 15 km in decent weather (just 2 below freezing, and we were properly dressed, and the skies were clear), but the road conditions were quite tough, lots of ice, hard snow (hard packed snow hurts me more than concrete sidewalks!!) and we ran on HILLS the whole time. We ran in a different area than usual and enjoyed some "house shopping" (hahaha - even if we become full professors one day we couldn't afford any of these houses!!!) on the streets of Point Grey (a Vancouver neighborhood). The views of the city and mountains were just great.

The last two kilometers were a bit painful with my little toe swelling around the toenail (I still haven't had the courage to look at it, but I feel it's there!!!) and a stitch. But it definitely was an enjoyable run!!!

Mostly, I run because I can, but mornings like this make it even nicer...

Now off to go pick up my bike with its new fenders on. I haven't been riding my road bike for about two months and I'm really excited about getting acquainted again. I might even put it on the trainer tonight, as I wait for the ice to leave the streets!!!

Tri Girl2010-05-02 09:24:19 +0000 #2
Wow, Grog- you're braver than I. I ran in 25 degrees with wind chill in the teens and I was proud of that- you're super studly up there!

We ran this morning for 8 miles. I'm running a half mary next weekend (Dallas White Rock), so this was the last *long* run before the race. I have no time goal in mind- just want to run it and have fun. Since the IM I've got no legs for running and I can't find my stride anymore. Hopefully, in time, it will come back to me. For now running is slow and tough.

We ran at our local lake (which is so low, it can hardly be called a lake anymore- more like a pond). We ran down on the lake bed that's dry and did some "beach" running. Got some strange looks, but when will I ever be able to say I ran at the bottom of the lake again? Still snow-packed (I agree hard snow is tougher than concrete to run on), but nice and still. Only saw a few other hard-core runners out. We're crazy not to run on a nice day like today. Sun shining, snow melting, peaceful morning.

Have a great running week, ladies!
yellow2010-05-02 09:47:11 +0000 #3
Grog...not sure if you are familiar with Sunset magazine, but we always call neighborhoods like Point Grey "Sunset-magazine-neighborhoods". I guess you could call them House-Beautiful-neighborhoods too. The garage doors of some of those houses are worth more than all of my worldly possessions combined.

I've decided I really like running in the very cold (OK, very cold for Utah). I was out of town on business and didn't get to run much this week either (2 eves on the treadmill...ick) but managed a 7.5 miler yesterday. It was probably about 25 F but sunny. Still lots of ice & snow about, but a lovely run. I keep wondering if I'll be able to hack summer once it comes back. (I went out skate skiing this am and needed blue wax, which means that it was darn cold. Snow temp was -3 F. I only wore a thin tneck and my PI Kodiak jacket...and I got overheated. Maybe I need to move to Yellowknife???!!)

My sad news is that they had the first draw for the Canyonlands Half Marathon (in Moab) and I was not selected.

They do one more draw, Dec 15. If I don't get in the 2nd time, I think I'll shoot for a trail 25k in late March on Antelope Island (the Buffalo Run: ), which is an island in the Great Salty Lake. They also have a 50k but my knee isn't up to that, and I know I can do 25k as I did that a week or so ago. Still, I really want to go run the Canyonlands Half.

I haven't been on my bike in several weeks now and I don't really miss it.
Bikingmomof32010-05-02 09:27:59 +0000 #4
After a rocky start to my week, I was able to get back out running in the evenings. Good thing, I am very cranky if I miss a run. I love running in the cold.

The colder, the happier I am. Weird, I know.

I find I am running farther than planned because everyone has their Christmas lights and decorations up. Makes the time fly by even faster. Have I mentioned I love running?
Grog2010-05-02 09:44:36 +0000 #5
Good job on the runs ladies!

Don't worry about your legs Tri Girl, they've taken you through the IM, they'll take you through that half-marathon. Just be nice to them though... They work hard!!!!

Yes, Yellow, they're definitely "Sunset houses"!!!! Some of them are nice, others are just obscene and kitch. Most you can't really see because they have such high hedges!!

Running in the cold is indeed great, as long as it's below freezing (otherwise there's too much water on the roads and I get miserable). I generally overdress slightly but with wool and I don't stop so I don't mind getting wet. I love the toasty feeling when I start and never really get chilly. I make the mistake of putting on a jacket over a wool layer, instead of, say, two wool layers. The jackets don't breathe enough. I just can't get out of my mind the idea that if I'm going outside I should wear a jacket!!!



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