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violette2010-05-02 10:30:08 +0000 #1
Hi All:

I've been jogging for about 7 months. Each time I go for a run (8K), I suffer each time. It seems I strugle every time to the end. I'm in good shape, I cycle on my road bike almost everyday, I go to spin class...with no problem, but when I jog, I can't seem to pick up the pace, I'm so out of breath, I can barly make it. I have a puffer, I have exercised enduced asthma, but I know others who have this and run with no problem. I don't talk when I jog, usually I'm by myself...What is wrong with me??
tattiefritter2010-05-02 10:39:12 +0000 #2
I mainly ride and find running much harder work than cycling, I usually experience what you describe if I set off far too fast. Fast for me is doing the first mile in about 8:30 minutes (not fast for many but fast for me), if I get carried away and allow that to happen then the latter parts of the run really hurt.

I also found that when I increased my longest run to 7 or 8 miles then on the shorter runs I started to naturally increase my pace a little and they felt easier. In the summer when I was only doing a couple of 4 mile runs a week it never felt like it was getting any easier. Increasing the length of one of your runs gradually (run as slow as you like) will help your running fitness. I'm running three times a week at the minute as I am training for a couple of races and the extra run also has helped, in the summer I drop it back.
MDHillSlug2010-05-02 10:43:56 +0000 #3
Maybe some short, fast intervals would help? I can try asking my running trainer friend and see what he says.
KSH2010-05-02 11:32:53 +0000 #4
From experience... I know that just because I can swim and ride a bike (for 60+ miles) doesn't mean that I can RUN... without huffing and puffing.

When you go the longer distance... are you timing your miles (or kilometers?) and keeping the pace the same for each one?

I know for me, as I have begun upping my distance, I have really tried to focus on long and slow. When I start to breathe too heavily, I just back off the pace a little and catch my breath.

Also, do you run different distances and paces? Or is your running workout always the same? You should have some short runs with speed and then longer runs at a slower pace. From what you said below, I couldn't really tell if it's all the same or not.

Finally, it's my belief that some people's bodies are made for running... and others... have to work a little harder at it. I am one of those ones who has to work harder. But, if you keep working at it... you can get better little bit by little bit.

Good luck.
seychelle2010-05-02 10:51:43 +0000 #5
Run slower and longer and your endurance will increase. Over time your speed will pick up on your shorter runs. Also, do not do all your runs at maximum effort and the same distance or you'll burn out and not progress.

You may want to purchase Bob Glover's book,

The Runner's Handbook: , for more specifics about training.

Good luck and enjoy running !
Grog2010-05-02 11:54:17 +0000 #6
Why 8K, Violette?

When I re-started running (not that I ever ran much), even though I was very very cycling-fit, my first run was 5K, and it killed me for two weeks afterward.

As other said, try having some variety in your runs. Longer ones and shorter ones. The short ones are delightful after having run a long one! But also, again as they said, reduce the pace. Go slow. If that means going a shorter distance because you don't have the time, that's okay. Get in control of your heart rate, try to keep it lower.

Intervals do help but I think you need to be able to run slow first, to feel more confident and more in control of your body...

Another thing is to run often, like at least two or three times a week. If you run just once a week, it's like having to start all over again every time...

Good luck!
violette2010-05-02 12:53:41 +0000 #7
When I started running, I ran about 5k, then about 2 months later, 6k, now I'm up to 8k. I run a longer distance, but each time is hard. I'll try what someone said, I'll run slower and longer. It's just very frustrating, there is a group of runners that always ask me to go with them, and I always refuse, I tell them I can't keep up, and I probably can't. They know I've been running all summer and don't understand why I don't want to go! Do some people never build endurance, or is just me?
Bikingmomof32010-05-02 11:11:05 +0000 #8
I agree with what everyone has mentioned and I think I need that book that was recommended.

Warning-I am heavily medicated with migraine meds, so this may not make much sense.

I had a lot of medical issues to overcome ( still do), so when I seriously took up running I began by following some beginner running tips on Runners World. It was a great starting place for me. I run every evening and now can run twice as far as I previously could and in less time!

My breathing is no longer laboured, which I take as a good sign, but also as a sign I need to crank things up a bit.

Various observations-my son, a cross country runner (ignoring his age and young lungs) is a naturally "gifted" runner. He never struggled like some of his teammates did. When I run with DH, he struggles more than me. Some people are just not runners.

One things that helps me a lot is to take 1 minute fast walking /water breaks when I need them. A minute is not long, but it helps me run better when I do take those 1 minute fast walks.

I currently could do a 5k race without a problem (yay me)-that was my first goal. Now I just keep working up.

Oh, some days are just bad days, I do not know why. The other day I could not get through what I normally do. I have no idea why. So I listened to my body and walked a vast majority of it and cut it short.

Long story, work your way up, listen to your body, take fast walking breaks as needed (they do help), run as many days as you can. Come here for support-I do all the time. I have learned so much from the more experienced runners. Above all, enjoy running. It should be pleasurable. I find it a wonderful stress reliever.



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