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mtbdarby2010-05-02 08:42:06 +0000 #1
I started running....again....and again I have the same problem. After almost two weeks of run/walking on flat roads, I got a cramp/knot in my left calf and couldn't get it out on my run yesterday. I stretched before hand, walked to warm up, have new running shoes and had to stop after a half mile so I wouldn't pull anything like last time (pulled it and could barely walk for 2 weeks). I stopped and stretched during the run, tried to rub it out and ended up walking 3 1/2 miles and STILL had the knot. My calf is sore today but I'd like to know whats causing it. My 5K is in 3 weeks and I'm lucking if I could run 1-1 1/2 miles without stopping at this point. It was 52 degrees yesterday and I had knickers on if that helps.

Thanks for your help ladies - this is getting frustrating and I don't need an excuse to stop again
limewave2010-05-02 08:51:42 +0000 #2
Hi Dar!

I am no expert on running and cramps. I'm really bad at connecting the dots with the why's and how's of some aches and pains. But, I do know that when I'm eating my daily banana and drinking my cup of chocolate milk, I don't cramp as much. Of course, the stretching helps a lot too. And drinking lots of water--something to do with lactic acid???

Good luck at your 5k!

I'm bored. Right now I would be picking up the pooper from day care, but DH borrowed my car keys AGAIN and AGAIN forgot to give them back to me. So I'm stranded at home and he has to dash from a job site, back to work to get his truck, to the day care, to our house, then back to work again! Such a tough life he lives. But if he would just use his own car keys . . . . . . . Will they ever learn?
mtbdarby2010-05-02 09:12:39 +0000 #3
limewave, thanks for the potasium reminder (I don't eat enough when I'm alone on the weekends because I hate cooking for myself). I'm pretty sure I pulled something in there again because it hurts to walk. The thought of running on it tomorrow isn't very appealing and hurts just thinking about it. Great. Oh well, it must be done. I am not missing another goal this year!

Yeah you on your 10.5 miles!
roadie gal2010-05-02 09:54:21 +0000 #4
I hate to be an alarmist, but I pulled a calf muscle at the beginning of the summer. It ended up ruining my triathlon season. 2 months of physical therapy and an additional month of rest later, I can finally run again.

Take it easy on the calf strain!

Now I stretch REALLY well before and after exercise. I also use The Stick to try to work out any knots. I think that helps a lot.
mtbdarby2010-05-02 09:29:07 +0000 #5
Crap! Well, I tried to run on it at lunch today. 3 1/2 minutes into it it felt like a fist to the calf. I stopped and stretched, I massaged it, I walked for a couple minutes and tried to run again. BTW, it's SOOO much easier running without the dogs

Did that on and off for a mile and a half and couldn't stand it. Now I can't walk without limping

I'm off to steal an ice pack and take some ibuprofin. Now what do I do? Do I have to stop running completely or can I run through this without causing my pain/damage?

Who would have though running would be so complicated?!
seychelle2010-05-02 10:51:15 +0000 #6
I second The Stick and thorough stretching pre & post run. Good luck !
mtbdarby2010-05-02 11:14:38 +0000 #7
So what's the stick and where do I find it?



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