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OK, it's seriously time for a new runniing thread!!

Jolt2010-07-20 15:23:43 +0000 #1
So I'll start it this time. I just went for a short run in the neighborhood today. Wore my huaraches this time--anyone else tried these? They take a little getting used to but are pretty good.

ETA: Just noticed I made a typo in the thread title--whoops!!
Grog2010-07-20 15:35:17 +0000 #2
Well there's running and then there's runniing, and a few of us are running serious miles, so I think 'runniing' applies!

So here I am, I survived to tell the tale. I was very grateful to see Shootingstar on her bike ride (really from the corner of my eye for a few seconds, merely a glimpse) as it kept my brain busy for a bit (that was around my 10th kilometer, heading onto a big hill). Later, a friend of mine - what a friend! - joined me for the last 10K. I was very, very grateful for that, as it gave me something to look forward to and sort of broke the run into two chunks.

I enforced 10 minutes running - 1 minute walking for the first three hours, but when my friends joined me we walked more to accommodate her, but really it was also accommodating me too. Eventually she was not feeling all that good so she sent me ahead. I would run for 5 minutes and walk back for a minute or so to meet with her.

Despite all that walking at the end, I did finish 38 km in 4h17m, so I am pretty confident that I can complete the full marathon in around 4h30m if I keep the pace steady and the course doesn't turn out to be too too hilly. Uphill is fine, downhill kills me.

And now the feet: well they are sore, no doubt about that, but they started hurting only at about 20 km (instead of 10 km previously) and it's only sore arches, not the weird side pain I had the other day. I think what's happening is that I change my stride to accommodate my sore arches and that's when I hurt my left foot. Today it's mostly fine. I'm also happy I had some foresight and scheduled a massage for tomorrow. I had a cold-hot shower (alternating) and will sit in a cold bath tonight for a few minutes. (UGH.)

So from now on it's all downhill! I'm pretty excited about the taper and I look forward to the race, in three weeks. I can't believe I just ran 38 km. (And I have an even harder time believing that some of you do that all the time. Hats off to you! You amaze me.)

My friend was patient enough for me to have a quick shower and meet her at a local brunch spot for fabulous french toast with berry/port compote and lots of maple syrup. She even let me have her potatoes. That's truly a friend. Now I'm off to nap, and then I have some Ikea furniture to build.....! I'll be on my knees, not my feet, thankfully.

Thank you all for the encouragement!
Becky2010-07-20 15:47:55 +0000 #3
I ran my first trail 5k yesterday. It was so awesome! That course was awfully tough, and I walked more than I expected to, but I still finished under 37 minutes and had enough juice left for a kick to the finish line.

I know that I went too fast at the beginning. The route entered some singletrack pretty quickly, and it was hard to hold back when there were people right behind me. Otherwise, I think I did ok with pacing.

I can't wait to do it again next year!
Bike Chick2010-07-20 15:39:33 +0000 #4
Wow, Grog! Sounds like you are ready. Good luck on your marathon. I hope the taper will give your feet time to heal before the big day.

I got a 12 miler in today and start my taper tomorrow. I got rained out yesterday and dodged the raindrops this morning but got it done. It was a huge confidence builder going into the half-marathon next week. I felt stronger with every mile and hope I feel the same way on Saturday. Now its time to put my feet up. Mine are sore too, Grog.
Grog2010-07-20 16:14:28 +0000 #5
Congrats on your race, Becky! Sounds like fun. I'd like to do more trail running.

Bike Chick, good luck on your race. It sure sounds like you're ready too!! Enjoy the rest.
limewave2010-07-20 16:41:43 +0000 #6
Great running everyone!

I did 12 miles today too. Last long run before the 25k. The first 6-7 miles weren't bad, but the next 5 were into a 20 mph headwind. I'm surprised I managed to keep moving forward. It was supposed to be a progressive run, but with that wind, I'm just glad I survived. Two weeks to taper before the race
zoom-zoom2010-07-20 17:46:21 +0000 #7
I ran a 5k PR today...first leg of a duathlon. Then my 2nd 5k (after a 30k bike in high winds and pouring rain--first ride ever in the rain and first duathlon) was my 3rd fastest 5k. I placed 5/9 in my age group, which has me pretty tickled. 4th place finisher was only 4 minutes ahead of me and I have 20#s to lose and more biking skills to hone before next year.

I haven't raced the 5k distance in almost 2 years and last time was 99% humidity and warm. My asthmatic lungs rebelled. I may have to find another 5k race soon to see what I can do when I don't have nearly 2 more hours of racing to follow.
Jolt2010-07-20 17:52:47 +0000 #8
I must be a little crazy...just got back from my SECOND run of the day! I had a random urge to go for a run in the dark, so I did. Only for a little over 20 minutes, but still not bad for having already run today. Not sure what got into me but it was fun (and I didn't trip on anything or crash into anything).



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