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Ugh, what have I done?

GLC19682010-07-29 23:24:32 +0000 #1
My company participates in a corporate game tournament in our metropolitan area. Last Saturday, I did my first sprint triathlon which included a 5K.

On Monday, I found out that our company team for the 5K event of the tournament was short 1 woman, so having just run a 5k as part of a tri, I told them that if they couldn't find anyone else, that I'd do it.

Yeah, so now I'm running a 5K tomorrow morning.

The teams are 4 people (2 men, 2 women) and our times are added up and which ever team is fastest wins. OMG - I don't think I can take that kind of pressure! I'm a very, very competitive person and it just about kills me that my slow fat rear is going to be the deciding factor in our finishing time. There are only 9 teams, so only 36 people running total (assuming everyone has a team). I'm really afraid that I'm going to hurt myself to not be the 'slow one'. I only know one of the other members of my team and he is a superb athlete. And one of the teams is LA we can safely say that they'll have athletic participants. I used to be a great athlete. Now, not so much. And I've never been much of a runner at all. Last weekend's tri was my first ever timed run event (if you don't count sprint races at track meets when I was a kid)!

Oy. I'm psyching myself out here.... I think I'm gonna go throw up....

Can someone tell me that it's going to be ok?

rocknrollgirl2010-07-29 23:29:07 +0000 #2
It is going to be ok

Seriously. You will be fine. Think of it this way, without you they would not be racing at all. They should be SO appreciative....that's right, they should be down on their knees, thanking the Gods of running that they have you!
OakLeaf2010-07-29 23:47:41 +0000 #3
Breathe. It's going to be fine.

Don't let LA Fitness psych you out, everyone knows gym rats freak out when they're exposed to fresh air and sunshine.
shootingstar2010-07-30 00:41:12 +0000 #4
Why don't you run with this pinned to your shirt:

"I kick butt, I lost xxxx lbs."

After all, you have, haven't you? Being so ostensibly goal-oriented to lose weight, should make you a decent matter where you place in the race results.

ok,ok. Try another type of aphorism or slogan on your shirt.
GLC19682010-07-30 00:26:15 +0000 #5
I just had lunch with one of the other team members. He told me that last year, our company had the top two finishers but because we had to add up all the finish times, we only ended up in second place. This was because we had a slower runner. This year, they are gunning for gold!


I know in the logical part of my brain that I can only do the best I can and they should be happy that I am running at all. I've already told them that the only timed 5K I've ever done put me at 35 there are no expectations that I'll be fast.

I just don't want to be the last, slow, pathetic runner out there on the course! Hmmm...wonder if I can find a short cut?



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