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Lunch time running

e.e.cummings2010-08-02 16:15:51 +0000 #1
Anyone ever participate in lunchtime running at work? My co-worker and I were discussing it today. She is a new mom and never gets the chance to exercise anymore and sees it as her best opportunity. Anyone else do this kind of thing?
TsPoet2010-08-02 16:25:58 +0000 #2
I used to ride at lunch. There are showers at work and a nice MUT close by. It worked fine. It does take a long time - the ride itself can only be 30 min, but changing, showering, getting ready to go... all take a surprising amount of time.

Honestly, I didn't shower very often. Baby wipes and a change of clothes worked fine (none of my coworkers complained ).
ny biker2010-08-02 16:57:54 +0000 #3
I see plenty of runners near my office at lunch time. We're right across the street from a MUT. But no one I work with does it -- the people who want exercise usually just walk up and down the stairs (we're on the 9th floor).
Bike Chick2010-08-02 17:18:46 +0000 #4
I've done it lots of times. When my training plan called for a 2 mile run on Wednesdays, I'd pack my running clothes and get my run in on my lunch hour. It took some planning and I would eat at my desk later but well worth the effort; especially if I was a young mom and that's the only "me" time I could squeeze out of the day. I have a sedentary job and I found it invigorating to go run 2 miles mid-day.
e.e.cummings2010-08-02 16:59:22 +0000 #5
The shower thing was something that came up - we don't have a shower at work (well, an operating shower, but that's another story). I would cycle to work sometimes and I would just have a cat-bath in one of the private washrooms (meaning, a washroom with one toilet, no stalls). Worked for me. Although if too many of us start to do it, there will be a run on those!
skibum2010-08-02 17:54:42 +0000 #6
I run at lunch a couple of days a week. We have a group at work that does a loop around the office park -- about 3.5 miles. We are very lucky to have a small gym with showers at our office so it is easy to run, shower and get back to work quickly.
violette2010-08-02 18:54:04 +0000 #7
I've been running at lunch time for 5 years now. wouldn't have it any other way. Tried morning, Yuk...Tried evening after supper, Yuk...Tried before supper, bonked after 2km.
Crankin2010-08-02 19:16:20 +0000 #8
Many years ago I would go to the gym at lunch; I don't know how I did it on a high school teacher's time schedule, but it was great when I had very young kids. Actually, I think I made sure my prep period and lunch were back to back, so I had almost 2 hours. I would definitely consider gym or running at lunch again, when I go back to the "real world, in one more year."

I had about 5 years of bath cloths heated in the microwave when I was bike commuting. They worked really well, when backed up by some regular soap and water in the single stall bathroom.

A shower/changing place is going to be high up on my list when I am looking for a job next year at this time!



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