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NYC Marathon - Team Continuum

cyclingqueen2k92010-12-12 19:43:31 +0000 #1
Cancer is a truly devastating disease, and Team Continuum is trying to make the lives of cancer patients and their families a little easier. They provide immediate and vital, non-medical, assistance to cancer patients and their families where the diagnosis results in disruption, hardship and uncertainty in their everyday lives.

And they do it by raising money from Team Continuum members during November’s Upcoming ING NYC marathon.

I am here on behalf of Team Continuum, with 300 guaranteed entries available to the ING NYC Marathon, to let you know about this effort to make life a little easier for cancer patients.

Marathon Registration is very limited and ends September 1st. Check out the site below for more info on this important cause:

NYC Team Continuum:
cyclingqueen2k92010-12-12 19:50:45 +0000 #2
Only a couple of weeks left for registration! Join this unique opportunity to help others in need.

When you register the Team Continuum staff has many different programs to get you in shape to do the marathon. Everything from a physical therapist to a pro ironman in weekly sessions.

For those that want to learn more about Team Continuum and their great cause check out the marathon site:

Team Continuum:



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