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School of Running: Week Sept. 6-11

limewave2010-12-13 01:36:07 +0000 #1
Dropped DD off for her first day of DK this morning

Monday, Sept 6th

Interval run

1 mi WU (10:35 pace)

3 x 1600's @ 10k pace (8:30 pace)

w/ 800's bw (9:20 pace)

1 mu CD (9:30 pace)

Tuesday, Sept. 7

Easy 4 mile run (9:15 pace)
rocknrollgirl2010-12-13 01:40:38 +0000 #2
Those days where you feel like you could run forever, everything is fluid, and you just have it! I call the my Forrest Gump Days....

Well today was a Bubba Gump of the worst runs I have had in ages....oh well.....

3 miles at 4:30 am before the first day of school!
kacie tri-ing2010-12-13 02:10:22 +0000 #3
Nice work.

How's this one: 2 miles in 23 minute

I hear it takes 3 weeks at least to get your legs back post IM. Clearly, they are not back yet for me!

Happy running.

Planning on the Disney marathon for fun with some friends. I am looking forward to it!
Pika2010-12-13 01:54:12 +0000 #4
First day back for me running post IMCanada.

I was slow but I had a super run in the park with my dog, I haven't run in the park for ages- I had forgotten how much I love the trails, the quiet and the amazing views of the lake and mountains...oh well I was slow ( I am blaming it on the dog - it was still worth it

I have a race 22km in banff national park on sept 25th, may not be much of a "race" for me but the scenery will be great
OakLeaf2010-12-13 02:30:50 +0000 #5
I was thinking I'm not going to do another marathon for a while after this one ... then you reminded me that Disney is right around the corner.

Anyway I was a slug yesterday, so I had to run this morning even though I'm leading the club ride tonight.

7.8 miles at a moderate pace. Such a contrast to when I did the same loop a month ago - 18° cooler and :56/mile faster today.

It's all good, with a little fatigue in my legs I won't get frustrated herding the slower riders tonight.
kacie tri-ing2010-12-13 03:01:10 +0000 #6
Disney is super fun!!! I am registered and ready to run it with two friends who will be running their first!

Pika--good to hear you are feeling slow too

2 more miles today on a soft and flat trail. Slow as a snail...but happy to be out there!
skhill2010-12-13 03:46:39 +0000 #7
Well, Tues. evening I overdid things at the gym, and woke up really stiff and sore the next morning. So I decided to flip my Wed. and Thurs. workouts, with the easy 4 miles on Wed. and the intervals today. But this morning I woke up even more sore than yesterday, so no run, just a long walk with my dog. So now, I'm thinking of trying a bit of an interval workout on the treadmill at the gym after my yoga class. We'll see....

The treadmill is dreadful, but then so is doing 40 laps of the 200 yd track in my neighborhood!

But the cool thing is that while out with my dog, I had a nice conversation with an older gentleman who's usually out walking at the same time I'm running. He's inspiring-- after he had a minor heart attack last winter, he made a committment to getting into better shape. Now he's walking 2 to 4 miles 6 days a week; he's dropped nearly 50 lbs and is better health than in decades. After months of waves and "good mornings" as I pass him, it's just awesome to get to know him a bit...
Bike Chick2010-12-13 01:59:57 +0000 #8
Speed work this morning and achy legs this afternoon but, guess what? I finally had a 10mm!!!! Yeah!!!! I might actually be a runner someday

1600 warm up (12:30)

2x1600 speed work (10:05 & 10:35)

800 jogs

1600 cool down (11:40)

I'm hoping to run this half with no walk breaks.



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