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Should we try this again? Running Aug. 1-?

skhill2010-12-11 23:20:57 +0000 #1
Been missing the weekly running thread, so why not take the initiative?

Today was just an easy 3 miles around the neighborhood, shaking out the stiffness from yesterday's tough 9 miles (did the steepest hill in town into a stiff headwind).

We've just had a new local half-marathon announced, for Halloween morning. It's awesome-- I'd been looking for a half somewhere not to far away, and this is in the next town west from here. Awesome! And there's plenty of time to decide on a costume (maybe something of a punk-rock theme).
OakLeaf2010-12-11 23:29:16 +0000 #2

I've been such a slug I have to admit I hadn't really missed the thread. But thanks for bringing it back. I just signed up for the Columbus marathon.

Did 12 on Friday and whoo, yikes. I'm pretty sure that up to 18 or so will come back pretty quickly though, not like getting there the first time. That's what my magic 8-ball says, anyway.
kacie tri-ing2010-12-11 23:54:18 +0000 #3

Hard/Hilly trail 20 miler! 4 weeks from my ironman!
Jolt2010-12-11 23:31:22 +0000 #4
I was stressed out (still am, actually) today b/c I am taking the nurse practitioner boards tomorrow morning, so I made sure to get out for a good run. I was out for about an hour and ten minutes on the trails and did some jumps and short sprints (six of them, about 20-25 seconds each) at a couple of points. The run felt really good since it wasn't too hot out today (and the two cups of coffee I had after church may have given me some extra energy as well). It definitely helped with my frame of mind but the only thing that will really get rid of this stress is passing that test tomorrow!!!
OakLeaf2010-12-11 23:51:31 +0000 #5
Good luck on the boards Jolt!
Jolt2010-12-12 01:09:42 +0000 #6
I passed the boards--SUCH a relief!!!
Crankin2010-12-12 01:04:43 +0000 #7
Awesome, Jolt! You really worked hard.

How is the job search going?

Oops, off topic.
Jolt2010-12-12 02:50:28 +0000 #8

Originally Posted by Crankin

Awesome, Jolt! You really worked hard.

How is the job search going?

Oops, off topic.

It's going well--I have had two interviews and should hear a final decision from one of the places within the next day or two; the other is having me come in for a second interview (with the surgeons I would be working with) on Friday. So, hopefully I will have something lined up soon! Either way I will be moving (MA doesn't have anything for new grads in my specialty) but both places look pretty good (both are in the Northeast).



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