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Bluegrass 10k RR

skhill2010-12-11 23:17:03 +0000 #1
Hi everyone!

Today was the bluegrass 10k, part of the city's 4th of July festivities. And when the 4th falls on a Sunday, everything gets transferred to the 3rd (it is the bible belt, after all). It's traditionally the biggest race of the year; last year it was the very first race I ever did. It was awesome to do it again.

I was hoping to knock 5 minutes off last year's time (1:00:58), and maybe break into the top 50 in my age group. Did a bit better than that ! 54:32, 32nd in the age group! Last year I managed a 9:48/mile pace; this year, it was 8:47/mile.

The plan was to keep to a 9:00 pace, give or take a bit. For once, I ran the first mile reasonably slowly (8:50)-- it helped that a late trip to the port-a-potties left me stuck well back at the start, surrounded by slower runners.

And then I just kept on churning away, a little faster for a while then a little slower, till the last .5 mile or so, when I realized that I might be under 55:00, and sped up.

Interesting sights: a fireman from a neighboring county, in full gear, air tank included (he was walking, not running). The little kids holding up a sign reading "run grandma run." The priest at the Episcopal church we passed, asperging the passing runners from a huge bowl of holy water. The candidate for city council, surrounded by her yard signs, handing out bottles of water. The group out on their front lawn, drinking mimosas and toasting the passing runners (even if they don't offer to share!)

So next year I should aim for a 7:46/mile pace, right? (It'll never happen, even if I were to quit smoking and get serious about speed work...) I'm sure I can go faster, but not that much faster...

Have a great 4th, y'all!

Zen2010-12-11 23:30:28 +0000 #2
Congratulations! That was a wonderful account. Very colorful.

But you do know what stands out most about it, don't you?
colby2010-12-11 23:23:57 +0000 #3
NICE job!!

Huge improvement, beat your goal, and had a great time.



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