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Dog-N-Jog Event

Deborajen2011-09-02 17:13:27 +0000 #1
This morning there was a 5k run and a 1 mile Dog-N-Jog event to benefit our local Humane Society. I did the 1-mile with my three-year-old American Eskimo, Abby. We'd never done a running event together before and we both had a lot of fun. Most of the participants walked it, but Abby wanted to go go GO! So we ran, took some walking (& sniffing) breaks, ran some more -- I rarely do a mile in under 10 minutes but the finish line clock showed 9'45". Maybe it wasn't quite a full mile, but for me it was still like flying. And Abby loved it - it was awesome!

Before the 1-mile started, they were announcing the 5K results. The winner was running with a dog - a Boxer, I think - and they finished in 20 minutes.

This was the first year for the event and there were 175 people registered. It was a great event. I hope it takes off and they have it every year. I'm ready to do it again!
Dogmama2011-09-02 17:16:46 +0000 #2

Sounds like a really FUN event!
nancielle2011-09-02 17:23:57 +0000 #3
Yay Deborajen and Abby! Sounds like you two had a fantastic time.

There was something similar here a couple of weeks ago for the local humane society. Chloe & I will do Woofstock: Bark in the Park in the early fall, one of their other fundraisers. Neither one of us are the running type: I have bad knees and she's just a walking brick.

I hope they raised lots of $$$ for the humane society.



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